Gym leader music?


I assume you must be pretty new to essentials and rpg maker xp to ask a question like this

I would recommend the Pokemon Essentials wiki (can google for it) and some youtube tutorials (Thundaga is a content creator i believe makes good ones)

Additionally, you can roam around in the premade tutorial world Essentials comes with. It has a lot of tutorials to teach you how to do certain things

The wiki will have a bunch of detailed information on what certain parts of Essentials do, how to edit them, or how to use them

And a decent tutorial video series like the one i recommended should introduce a lot of this information at an introductory level

Including what youre asking now and a lot more


Here are the link for Thundaga videos.

And here is the wiki.

Considering that you are new to RMXP, I recommend just testing the functionalities of Events first before trying to follow any of the 2 above "guides". I didn't watch Thundaga videos, so I can't say how much he does with normal events only (without taking pokémon essentials way of doing things).
Particularly, I suggest that you try to make a calculator (which displays the calculation that you are doing).

But like Echo said, read the wiki and play around the default essentials map. Most common information about this engine are already written in these 2 places.