Recruiting Pokemon X-Cross/O-Halo Recruitment


Hello. I have an interesting project I'm working on.

It's based on Pokemon Emerald assets.

It's a combination of two side-by-side games. Pokemon X-Cross, where the player takes the path of Chaos, and Pokemon O-Halo, where the player takes the path of Order. In both games, you can take the path of Balance, which has the combination of the Chaos and Order path.

The path you take all depends on your choices (What you select when you talk to people, how you treat your pokemon, etc.)

The game features the following additions:

Implementation of new harmful Status Effects, such as Entanglement, Drenched, Blindness, Blur, Repulsion, etc.
New Types, including a new healer type (Curare). Other types include Fiend and Light
New beneficial status effects, such as REGEN.
New Type Effectiveness chart. Includes the Supernatural Six (Light, Dark, Psychic, Fairy, Fiend, Ghost) and the Elemental Six (Flying, Ground, Electric, Water, Fire, Ice)
Over 100 additional pokemon, including six "Disciples" and three "Guardians"
The original 807 pokemon, including the Unknown dex.
3 Different Regions, including the Kanto Region (Not the same one from Red, Blue, and Yellow), the Kansai Region, and the Kyushu Region.
New Moves.
New Battle Sprites and Characters
New Animations.
New In-Battle features, including Overlimit (Executes a special move when the OL meter is full), Desperation Time (Activates when a pokemon's HP drops to red. In wild battles, a wild pokemon may elect to flee if possible. Regardless of battle conditions, all damage-based moves do massive damage), etc
Among other things

1. Graphics.
2. Sound Effects and Music
3. Programming.
4. Testing

If interested, please respond. Thank you.

NOTE: This game is a personal game. If you participate in designing the game, I will entrust you with a copy of the game. You are not to release this copy to your friends or family (But you can show them). If you decide to distribute this game publically or privately, I will not be held responsible for damages or lawsuits. Thank you.