Recruiting Project Delta Recuiting

Hi all!

For a while now, I've thought about making a Pokemon game, much like everyone here. But I wanted to make it more than what the games are now. I'm calling the game Project Delta since delta means change. First, although almost everyone uses RPG Maker, I'm hoping to make a 3D game, much like the 3DS Pokemon games now. But that'll be something I want to discuss with a team. Other things I want to do is change a few things with battle to hopefully push it to be more engaging, exciting, and fun. My biggest goal of it all is so that other game creators can springboard up and also start using other tools to make games, and can use models and scripting knowledge gained from this project to help them.

So far I have the Region idea, Pokemon, and basic storyline, but I mainly do art, so I'm looking for people to help with scripting/coding. Anyone open to learning script, as well as other game tools (like Unity) are more than welcomed. Also, people with either experience or are open to learning 3D modeling are welcomed as well. List of roles I'm hoping to fill are:
Story Writers
3D modelers
People to make Armatures for 3D models
Character Designers

The goal for how polished to make things isn't anything more complex than 3DS Pokemon Titles. And I'm not looking for anything cinematic either.

A bit about Project Delta:
The game is located in the Litorum Region, west of Unova. Relatively advanced, particle accelerators and their uses in society are being researched. Amid the bustling, yet carefree lifestyle in Litorum, someone is using the research on particle accelerators for a more dubious reason.

Changes/Features for the game

Battle features:
- In battle, having stadium objects like Boulders and thing that Pokemon can use for cover/have other effects
- Natures can affect more than the stat growth. An example would be that an attacking nature will slightly increase the damage output percentage when calculating damage
- Changing/adding effects to moves like water sport. I know Pokemon Uranium did something like that, but to expand on it a bit more

Overworld features:
- This would make the game much larger and one of the longest parts of the project, but the biggest feature I would like to add is an airport. Players would then be able to travel between regions. Of course, since the previous games are in the "past," making something nostalgic like how Gold and Silver approached Kanto would be the idea.

New Pokemon:
- I have around 60 new Pokemon made, and, as "delta" is in the name, about 90 Delta Species. All the new Pokemon and Delta Species pokemon have the concept art, types, and abilities pretty much planned out.

I'll add a few photos, and hopefully they'll interest you in the project. Thanks for reading, and even if the project doesn't even lift off the ground, I'd hope that it inspires people to reach a new height in Pokemon game creating. Email me at: