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Personal Credits

Zenos : développement du projet, scénariste, graphiste, mappeur, etc
Polyzon : idées, mise en forme, musiques, stratégie
C_olor : idées, BDD, scénario
Tempestar Battõsaï MartyBounty Erza Toadow : scénario, idées, stratégie
AquaFred : bande son originale
Eurons : mapping, idées, event, images
Lorka JustAnxiousGuy : idées
Kreiss : images
PSDK Credits

Moteur de base de Pokémon SDK, RGSS 1

Game Freak, CREATURES INC. et The Pokémon Company

Univers Pokémon et produits associés


Visual Studio 2012

Nuri Yuri

Directeur de projet de Pokémon SDK
Programmation du FollowMe
Programmation du moteur de la Base de Données
Programmation du système de combats
Programmation des Capacités des Pokémon
Programmation des modules complémentaires de Pokémon SDK
Préparation de la rédaction de la documentation du Wiki de Pokémon SDK


Directeur de projet de Forêt Éternelle
Programmation des Capacités des Pokémon
Réalisation des esquisses des Interfaces de l'éditeur de la Base de Données
Intégration des movepools des Pokémon
Corrections des données de la Base de Données
Corrections et assemblages de ressources
Corrections et rédaction de la documentation du Wiki de Pokémon SDK

Angi-MK, Aethnight & la communauté de Gemme

Création de ressources diverses

Pαlвσlѕку, Qwerty, Tokeur, Azmog, Schneitizel, Mauduss, Joeyw, Dakurei

Participation à l'élaboration de la Base de Données

Fafa, Jarakaa, Shamoke, BigOrN0t, Bouzouw, Diaband.onceron, Kiros97, Likton, MrSuperluigis, oldu49, SMB64, sylvaintr, UltimaShayra & Unbreakables

Bêta-test de Pokémon SDK au travers de Pokémon Gemme (4G)


Ressources graphiques originales de PSDK


Diverses interfaces de PSDK


Réalisation de l'animation d'entrée en combat des dresseurs


Corrections de ressources graphiques


Programmation des Capacités des Pokémon

Diegotoon20, Domino99designs, Falgaia, GeoisEvil, Juan-Amador, N-Kin, Noscium, SirAquaKip , Smogon XY Sprite Project, Zermonious & Zerudez

Réalisation des sprites des Pokémon de la sixième génération

MissingLukey, help-14, Kymotonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17, princess-phoenix & LunarDusk6

Réalisation des overworlds des Pokémon

19dante91, 27alexmad27, Alistair, Alucus, Bakura155, Bati', Blue Beedrill, BoOmxBiG, Chimcharsfireworkd, CNickC/CNC, CrimsonTakai, Cuddlesthefatcat, Darkange, Dewitty, EpicDay, Fused, Gigatom, Heavy-Metal-Lover, Hek-el-grande, Kage-No-Sensei, Kizemaru_Kurunosuke, Kyle-dove, LaPampa, LotusKing, New-titeuf, Novus, Nuri Yuri, Pokemon_Diamond, Paranoid, PrinceLegendario, Reck, Red-Gyrados, REMY35, Saurav, SL249, Spaceemotion, Speedialga, Stefpoke, sylver1984, ThatsSoWitty, TheEnglishKiwi, Thegreatblaid, ThePokemonChronicles, TwentyOne, UltimoSpriter, Warpras, WesleyFG, Yoh

Réalisation des tilesets


Fondateur et développeur de Pokémon Script Project (projet abandonné qui a inspiré Pokémon SDK).

Smogon (X-Act, Peterko & Kaphotics), Bulbapédia, Poképédia, Serebii

Diverses formules et extraction des textes de Pokémon.
Internet Resources
Magiscarf - chaoticcherrycake - wergan - tachi miki - neoriceisgood - the-red-ex
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Just a wolf that loves the shadows on a hot day :)
Oh hell yes, I would love to play it. I hope it will be in English too because I only know a few words in French. (Je Taime, Mon Dieu, Adieu and Alonz and I don't even know if my spelling is correct hehehehe)

Sturdy Ghost

To what extent are you looking for graphic designers? For extensive work or more minor? Purely in character design or do you need help with creating tilesets, icons, backgrounds, etc.? Stuff like that?


Hello everyone

Here is a little news that will cheer you up: the Pokedex.
Indeed, over the news, we announced Pokémon everywhere that are either just appeared, or they were well presented.
The Pokedex will be updated in "live" on the discord over news, or from time to time on the forum.
Note the changes in the family's appearance of the water starter at the top, as well as Cocowi and Cocoded, our two favorite coconuts.
The Pokedex is there as an indication, all that is free to be deleted / modified. The number of boxes is not equivalent to the number of Pokémon in the game. For the moment will be shown only the Pokémon present in the first demo.

Here is the Pokedex in question:

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you soon!


Hello hello, long time no see ?
I saw many people asked me to not use some art made by some other makers. And you're true. We're working on the remake of some of them. Some other, we had the permission. Don't worry about that.

For the news, we're active on the official discord, their is a lot of people, French or English. We post a lot of news each month, we're working of the first demo and we're recruiting some pixel artiste to make this game more unique and work faster on the first demo.
Many things change on the presentation, I will make an update before end of 2019, no worries.

One more things, here is a trailer of our new starter made on zodiac :


Hello everyone , I hope you had a great Christmas, because I have some gift for you. First of all we will start with.. :

The 21st type in Pokémon Dimension

As you have probably noticed in the previous news, a 21st type is present, it is crossed out, hidden from everyone. We have pushed the history of Pokémon Dimension a lot in order to have a coherent and solid universe.
In opposition to the darkness type we created the light type.
To correspond to the corruption of dimensions, we created the distortion type , we therefore created the anti-distortion, itself countered by the distorsion type, the blessing type.
Indeed, we have a little story about this two types to tell you, I hope you will be delighted to read it.

An interminable legendary war

For millions of years, across dimensions and time, two Pokémon have been fighting: one of them is called Shinryu , it represents good, wisdom, elegance and life. On the other is Zodiark , it represents evil, strength, chaos and death.
His two legendary Pokémon have been at war for a long time. Their main strength? They can share their power with others, humans like Pokémon. His Pokémon or human are then blessed or distorted according to the divinity which enchants them. Their war ends when a plan of reality (or dimension) is totally blessed or distorted. And they continue across dimensions to start their war over and over again.
What impact will they have on the Pokémon Dimension universe? What is the purpose of this war? What is the real power transmitted to humans and Pokémon?
All its answers will be given to you in Pokémon Dimension, so stay tuned for the release of the first version of the game.

Improvements in the game

Small news here, Pokémon Dimension will have mugshots in dialogues for important characters. This brings a bit of life and a better identity for this characters.
The maps of the game have almost all been remade, the scenario too. New Pokémon will appear in the future, some will be revealed to you very soon.

The last word

We will be able to offer you the game in the form of chapters. We are going to work on a simple way to update your game so that you can keep playing each new item. Your gaming experience will grow from update to update. We are of course waiting for a lot of playable gameplay before delivering the game to you, it is important to me that your wait is rewarded. We are approaching the release date of the 1st version, but we still need additional arms to support us in this task. 2020 will be the year of Pokémon Dimension, the year of its first release to the general public. The game will undergo a test battery before being offered to you so that your experience is not spoiled.

We thank you for following us and supporting us in your own way, whether you are inactive or active. Do not hesitate to give us a little message about the game, your support is a source of motivation, and it pushes us to progress and improve our self.

( game will be in English no worries, the character say "Delnya, do you feel it too? This pressure..." )

Don't forget to watch our only trailer for now, a new trailer will be post soon, I'm working on !