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"On the ancient fields of Kaiyomi, a catastrophic battle between two entities occurred, resulting in the complete change of the Zirconial Continent forever... now, far into the future, their conflict will finally reach its conclusion."

Welcome back to another round of "Derxwna Makes Games", starring The Badman himself, Derxwna Kapsyla! Today's project is one that's near and dear to my heart, something I've been planning and working and reworking on over and over, on and off, for over a decade now. A project I refer to as "Yitria Resurrection". Yitria Resurrection is a Pokemon-based Fangame built in the Pokemon Essentials engine. It plays like your traditional Pokemon game (Gym-Driven Story, Pokemon League, etc), and will be relatively easy to get into (unlike my Touhoumon projects, which have the 36 element type chart from the depths of the Abyss).

The game itself tells the story of Robin Grace and their travels throughout the Yitria Region on their way to becoming strong enough to get recognized by the International Pokemon League Committee, and receive an invitation to the prestigious Grand League Tournament. To do this, they register for the Yitria League Circuit, which consists of the traditional fare of challenges for would-be Masters; the eight regional gyms, and the ever-challenging Pokemon League. The going isn't easy, as not all the Yitrian Leaders and Elite adhere to the traditional method of challenging trainers; from synthetic Pokemon to those associated with defensive strategies, going as far back as the ancient past to the far reaches of space, the Best of the Best choose to have their challengers build diverse teams, ready to take on anything.

Every game has to have a list of features that makes them stand out, to really let the players know what sets this apart from the other games on the block. And, while this game may be simple, it does have its fair share of unique features! A list of them can be read below.
  • Pokemon and game mechanics up to the 6th Generation (the 7th Generation will be added- eventually! At the very least, certain aspects will be!)
  • A simple game, a simple plot. A goal to become the strongest trainer in the region, and an evil team to try and stop. We're really going back to our foundation here!
  • Regional Variants! ...When I get the proper sprites and code for some of them! :wacko:
  • Two new Pokemon, one of them being the well-known MissingNo itself, the "box legendary" of this game. It'll even have a unique ability just for it!
  • A Journal system so you can keep track of where you are in the game, as well as the sidequests you've undertaken.
  • A "Sandbox Mode" that, when the game is finished, will allow you to have total control over how you want to play the game. In the current demo releases, it is inaccessible and incomplete. You can see examples of how this works in my mod for Pokemon Reborn, as well as the Sandbox Mode for Touhoumon Purple made by Agastya.
  • That's it. No new types, no Shadow Pokemon, no second region, no super sprawling plot that'll take 100 hours to complete. This is me reigning myself back in, and using everything I've learned about game design, both in the philosophy and practicality, and putting it to use.
  • Other "features" that I've probably forgot to list, but will put here when I remember them!
If that's not enough to pique your interest, have some screenshots to go along with the features list! They show off some of the features in action!

Everyone loves bug lists! It means they can see what bugs are known about and can be fixed, or are in the process of being fixed! That way, people don't have to report them, right? Hahaha.........................

Tier 3 - Serious Game Breaking/Mechanic Altering Bugs
* Nothing has been listed here yet!

Tier 2 - In the process of fixing
* You might see a Black Void around the edge of some maps. While this doesn't break the game, it does look tacky. I am in the process of rectifying these, so if you notice any in the latest build please point them out to me!
* Not really a bug but annoying; Some music tracks are too loud or quiet. I am in the process of adjusting the tracks so they're at a more uniform volume.
* Some music tracks don't loop properly. If you spot one that doesn't, hit me up.

Tier 1 - Almost unnoticeable
* Nothing has been listed here yet!

Tier 0 - I am fully aware of these and, for various reasons, cannot fix them
* Move animations still use the generic Type-animations as part of Essentials. Unless you want to make custom animations for each and every move, this is unlikely to be rectified. I suggest playing with animations disabled.

It's very possible I missed some bugs in this list. If you notice any I forgot, relay them to me and I'll have throw them here and try to fix them if I can!
As always, unless I specifically say otherwise on release, I suggest saving inside a house or a Pokemon Center. Changes have been, and will continue to be, made to outside maps to revise them.

This section is where you can find the current build of the game, as well as the Quick Patches associated with that release. Quick Patches are little releases that fix small bugs, as these bugs usually don't warrant a total reupload and rerelease (this was done to spare my internet connection...). Detailed instructions on how to install Quick Patches will be provided alongside the download for the patch itself.

Current Version: Demo 1 (Not available yet)

I am not going to deny the people who's work contributed to this project their due credit. While a master list of the credits is included with the download itself, I will list everyone here and update accordingly.
== Graphics ==
- Yitria Town Map

- EV/IV Checker Screen

Pokemon Acanthite Team:
- "The Tileset"

- Pokemon League Logo (

Mr. Gela
- Windowskin Pack (

Love Albatros
- Yitria Gym Badges

- Icon rips from Gen official games

- Custom Pokeball Overworld Graphics

Princess-Phoenix, LunarDusk, Sparta
- Generation 6 Overworld Sprites

Amethyst & the Reborn Team
- Various tiles from Pokemon Reborn

Ulithium Dragon
- Various custom tiles (Sideways-facing TV, Reverse-ways facing TV)

- Leaf/Blue Trainer Sprite

- Primal Dialga sprites
- Shadow Lugia sprites

== Scripts ==
- EV IV Checker Interface

- Controlable Text Input Settings

- Map Exporter Script
- Turbo Script
- Easy Questing Interface

- Custom Day/Night Tones

- Teleporter Relay Script

- Ambient Overworld Cries

== Audio ==
Mark DiAngelo:
- Wind (

FreeSFX (
- Heavy Wind

Random Talking Bush:
- Generation 7 Era Pokemon Cries

== Large Kits ==
Generation 6 Kit:
- WorldSlayer (Project Organization. PBS File Editing)
- mej71 (PBS file editing)
- karstictrainer (PBS file editing)
- TheDeKay (PBS file editing)
- viperk1 (PBS file editing)
- SunakazeKun (PBS file editing)
- Radical Raptr (PBS file editing)
- RPD490 (PBS file editing)
- Takyon! (PBS file editing)
- Pokegod7020 (PBS file editing)
- Drakath569 (Research)
- Florio (Research)
- MrDeepDarkMind (Research)
- snooper117 (Research)

Generation 7 Sprites:
- Amethyst
- Jan
- Zumi
- Bazaro
- Koyo
- Smeargletail
- Alex
- Noscium
- Leparagon
- N-kin
- fishbowlsoul90
- princess-phoenix
- DatLopunnyTho
- Conyjams
- kaji atsu
- The cynical poet
- LuigiPlayer
- Falgaia of the Smogon S/M sprite project
- Pikafan2000
- Lord-Myre
- Marcello (Alolan Exeggutor Compatibilty Scripts)

== Special Thanks ==
Maruno: Current developer of Pokemon Essentials
Enterbrain: Developers and Copyright Holders of RPG Maker
Game Freak: Developers of the Pokemon franchise

If you wish to contact me for any reason regarding the game, you're free to leave a message on this thread, shoot me a PM on here, contact me on the Discord Server, or find me on my various social media hangouts, such as my personal Tumblr account, or my personal Twitter account.
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Thanks! I'm a but energy drained right now, so I'm working on some tertiary content for the game to come out on release; mostly some information documents that'll supplement the player's experience.