Recruiting Pokemon Beryl Recuitment

A while back me and a few others had started a Fangame project on the Pokémon Amino. However due to reasons out of our control it had ended up somewhat dying. Though this is where you come in! We need you're help to make this project possible. Though why might you be interested? Well let me explain some things and maybe you will.
The story is the traditional layout with our main character traveling the vast region to beat the 8 gym leader to defeat the champion and become the best. However it starts out and becomes a bit more then the average formula. The story is that the player being apart of a program that allows trainers to travel out into the Pokémon world to gain new experiences along with providing research to the professor behind it. On that day where the story begins however the player(having gradated) would head to the lab where the assistant would give the player one last test which would determine their starter (Think Pokémon Uranium personality test) afterwards the player would head back home meeting the rival(Which would be the sibling and would be the opposite gender) where they instead have a Eevee as their starter. Later the player's starter would be given in a similar way to Black and White with the character later that night getting a present at their doorstep from the professor. Afterwards it'd go into a cutscene where the mother, sibling, and mc opening it up revealing the starter. *Insert just a small cute moment* it'd jump cut to the player waking up with said starter laying on the bed before getting up and opening the window only for the Early Bird Pakemon (Known as Jayling) to bust through and attempt to attack the player. Luckily however said starter would jump in front as the first wild battle would occur. After the battle your sibling would run upstairs to turn on the lights as it would be revealed a shadowy aura surrounded the Pokémon which would fade away as it'd fly off. After that the player would be given the freedom to leave the town, Not before however the professor's assistant would give the player a Pokedex and 10 Pokeballs before they could enter route 1 along with the optional for a catching tutorial.

From There the story would become a lot more open with the simple 8 gym format.

Gym Types



We plan for there to be 180 with some of those being evolutions to old Pokémon
Plus the return of Shadow Pokémon!
Along with a new form of Fossil Pokémon known as Relic Pokémon.

We have Starter Concepts, Early Pokémon Concepts, Legendries, and General Concepts for Pokémon.


The Legendries are based on Fenrir and Sleipnir with the middle one being based on a Imp. The Fenrir and Sleipnir Legendries took part in a great war that led to the creation of the Abyss(A huge hole in the middle of the region containing Lovecraft inspired Pokemon) and the Spire(Something which nobody is sure really exists.) Meanwhile the Imp is apart of the Council (Essentially being the Elite Four of the Game and Government with the Champion being a more ceremonial job)

The Evil Team

The Ravagers are a group of ruthless people who steal Pokémon and Corrupt them, steal things that would benefit the group,
and generally try to make their voices heard to begin a uprising.


The region is based on Denmark however the region has yet to be given a official name.

What we need?

*Trainer Artists

Examples Of Our Work

*A example of past work
*A email to contact you with
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