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Resource Multiple Protagonists v2.1


NettoHikari updated Multiple Protagonists with a new update entry:

v2.0 Update

WARNING! v2.0 is not compatible with the previous versions. This means that you MUST start a new save for testing if you update this script.
In other words, if you've already released a game using an earlier version of this script, then you cannot update to v2.0 without ruining players' old saves.
- Revamped internal structure of how character data is stored
- Added trading between characters (examples in script guide)
- Trade Pokemon 1 for 1 (just like trading with an NPC)
- Send...
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"IDOLA" the Evil Carnation
So I keep getting a gsub error, as I mentioned in my review.

PKMN Essentials - V17.2
[Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]

Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `gsubPN' for Kernel:Module

Messages:1044:in `pbMessageDisplay'

Messages:1316:in `pbMessage'

Messages:1326:in `pbConfirmMessage'

Compiler:3450:in `pbTrainerTypeCheck'

Compiler:3467:in `pbTrainerBattleCheck'

Compiler:4300:in `pbConvertToTrainerEvent'

Compiler:3509:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents'

Compiler:3504:in `each'

Compiler:3504:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents'

Compiler:3499:in `each'

This exception was logged in

C:\Users\cgoog\Saved Games\PKMN Essentials _ V17_2\errorlog.txt.

Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.
The baffling thing is that I don't have a pre-existing save. Any suggestions?
heyo I followed everything in this script and for some reason, the switch option does not show
Make sure you've installed the code from lines 39-84 correctly, and that you ran
at least once in an event somewhere before trying to access the Switch option through menu. Also, it won't show up in the middle of a Bug Contest, Safari, or Battle Challenge, but I doubt that's what you're trying to do.