Recruiting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Tides Rescue Team


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Tides Rescue Team is the concept for a fanmade PMD game I’ve worked on over some odd years now. Inspired by the storytelling of the original games, the skeleton of this project is an homage to the Red/Blue Rescue Team games, with the tone and style of Time/Darkness. It aims to capture the emotion found in that story while still keeping the plot events of the game original, and synthesize both the charm and the darker element that players love and expect from the games.

Why Make This?:
I am a game developer with many fond memories of the PMD spinoffs. No PMD projects have ever successfully made their way out of development. and understandably so; a game of this scope is a large undertaking, and even with the programming knowledge I have, I never got around to learning the ins and outs of how to go about it on my lonesome. But the PMD games are close to my heart, and were sources of my inspiration long before I became a game dev.

Recruitment Info:
Rather than leave this document on my desktop forevermore, I am looking to open up this project to a team should they be interested in making something with these notes. Most helpful would be spriters, mappers, tilesetters, additional programmers, and a script editor or two (story and/or code). Generally, the core team would be adept at the more technical side of bringing a game like this to fruition and finally seeing a PMD fan game through.

Game Description:
When you wake up on the shoreline of a blustery beach, feeling dizzy and vaguely ill, you know something is wrong. You’re smaller, scrappier, and most puzzling of all…you’ve woken up on this exact shore before. This is not your first time in the world of Pokemon. You have no memory of your first foray into this universe, but you’re certain that this world has already been saved and your return must be some kind of mistake. With the help of your well-meaning but impulsive partner (who was just kicked off their former rescue team), you found a team of your own and journey across the island of Umberas and surrounding islets, rescuing Pokemon whilst trying to uncover the mystery of why you’ve been summoned here once more…and what, or who, is the malicious force that now threatens the wellbeing of the Pokemon you once saved.

Planned Features:
-Kanto and Alolan Pokemon only
-19 chapter original storyline (currently 13 chapters are written, at 26k words)
-Dungeon-crawling and rogue like battle system as seen in the original game
-Optional and original protagonist quiz to determine what Pokemon the player is
-All standard shops in the Pelipper Town hub
-Automatic team recruits via board mission rewards

Protag/Partner Options:
Charmander (Brave)
Bulbasaur (Docile)
Squirtle (Jolly)
Popplio (Impish)
Litten (Careful)
Rowlet (Quirky)
Pikachu (Hasty)
Alolan Vulpix (Relaxed)
Rockruff (Hardy)
*Each pokemon comes with one egg move similar to Super MD

World Map:
The world of Rising Tides takes place on the island of Umberas and the islets that surround it. They host a diverse set of Pokemon and climates. The main island is where Pelipper Town is: the region’s biggest social hub and home to the Rescue Team Association. Throughout your adventure, you will travel across the island and to all of the neighboring islets, rescuing Pokemon in need while uncovering the mystery of the story’s central plotline.
Pelipper Town has:
-The Pikipek Post Office: The center of town, all rescue missions are received and posted here.
-The Kangaskan Item Storage and Bank: Benevolent Kangaskan will keep all your items safe and sound while you’re out adventuring! Occasionally, you can find Kangaskan stones outside of and midway through dungeons that will let you pick up stored items.
-Fiona Bank: Alolan Persian (distantly related to the owner of Felicity Bank) will hold onto your precious money for you. If you bring her gold bars, she’ll pay you quite handsomely.
-The Kecleon Stall: The one-stop shop for Rescue Teams to stock up before heading off into dungeons. Some ambitious SalesKecleon even go into dungeons themselves and run their stalls on the go.
-“The Wobbly Watmel“ Tavern/Berry Juice Shop: Serves as both an inn and a go-to place for Rescue Teams to unwind after a hard day of missions. Spinda serves up fresh Berry Juice in exchange for the berries you’ve encountered on your adventures.

A Couple Concept Dungeons:
Main Island of Umberas:
Wayside Wetlands: The first mystery dungeon you enter. Filled with weak water type Pokemon, it serves as a tutorial when you first begin the game.

Coconut Prairie: A dungeon formed in a small grove of coconut trees. A lot of beginner missions take place here. This dungeon has grass and bug types in it.

Marmoreal Muck: A humid bog towards the back of the main island. It has grass and poison types. Beneath one of it’s glistening mucky pools is the secret entrance to the Bandit’s Den. It is full of poison, water, and rock types.
*Bandit’s Den: An underground treasury beneath the Marmoreal Muck, where a wayward bandit stores her treasure.

Clay Flats: A labyrinth-like stretch of land middle of the island with a large clay deposit. Strange earthquakes coming from this area become enough cause to require investigate. It’s filled with ground and rock types.

Haunted Seacave: A dark and abandoned cave on a beach nearby Pelipper Town. Furthermore, the town speaks of a terrible monster dwelling beneath the sands. The beach cave is likewise avoided, to the point that even citizen Pokemon don't venture out to it…for the most part. Ghost pokemon live here.

Palossvoid: The cavernous insides of a Palossand. Dark, ghost and ground Pokemon ‘live’ in here.

Rapshire Mountain: The dormant volcano at the center of Umberas, where a great battle against a terrible beast once occurred. (Alolan) Marrowak trains solo at the peak of this mountain. It is filled with fire and flying types.

Groudon’s Clutch: Also known as the “Chasm of Flowing Fire”. It is accessed the base of Rapshire Mountain. Former Rescue team member (Alolan) Marrowak is said to be the only Pokemon capable of getting to the very depths. It is filled with fire, rock, and ground types.

Surrounding Islets:
Thunder Tropics: Thunder Tropics is a humid rainforest on a islet filled with electric and grass Pokemon. In its heart resides Tapu Koko, the legendary guardian of Umberas.

Arcane Forest: A pristine, misty forest on the far east side of the Main island. The Arcane Forest is where spirit medium Orangurus are kept away from civilization to train. It is full of psychic types. The player goes here to visit Oranguru the first time, in hopes of learning their purpose of being brought back to the Pokemon world.

Shimmering Tundra: The Shimmering Tundra is a stretch of icy land located on the northernmost islet in the region. At the center of the islet lies the Glacial Frosts, where Alolan Ninetales tends a massive archive of books. Many ice types reside here.

Alcazar Prison: Alcazar Prison is a highly-secure prison built atop the Mt. Alcazar mystery dungeon. This is no place for petty thieves or brutish thugs; only the most heinous criminals of the Pokemon world are imprisoned here. Pokemon that attempt to escape become trapped in the dungeon below, and without any supplies, faint and teleport back to their imprisonment. It is 22 floors (the longest dungeon in the game) and filled with high-level dark, steel, and rock types.

Some Key Characters:
Protagonist: The protagonist of the story. You are haunted by echoes of a past in the Pokemon world that you cannot completely recall. Unlike the protagonists that have come before you, you do not want to remain in the Pokemon world forever. Likewise, your primary goal is to find a way back home…even if you must save the world to do so. Your partner vows to help you in any way they can. In the meantime, the two of you form your own Rescue Team together.

Partner: Your partner is your sidekick and companion throughout the story. Exceedingly tenacious and often impulsive, your partner becomes attached to you after they rescue you from getting stuck in your first dungeon. They are on bad terms with their current team on account of their reckless behavior. The fact they were born as a wild pokemon in a mystery dungeon and only recently recruited by their team doesn’t help. Beneath that hapless ambition, however, they are an incredibly warm and devoted companion who would give their 100% and more to help the protagonist in any way they can.

Wartortle: Wartotle is the no-nonsense leader of Team Guts, your partner’s former rescue team. She is intense, yet reserved and highly composed. Your partner used to deeply admire her, but now holds resentment towards her and her team for getting kicked.

Lurantis: Lurantis is the leader of the bandit hunting ladies on Team Gossamer. She is revered for her beauty, grace, and ‘apparent’ generosity. Lurantis has some kind of rivalry with Salandit, a physically weak but mentally brilliant bandit. It appears, however, that these two have some kind of history together. Despite her tough line of work, her greatest nemesis is dirt, mud, or any unsanitary equivalent.

Salandit: Salandit is a slippery bandit who’s a nuisance as best. She resides in the Bandit’s Den, a hidden underground nest just below the sulfurous Marmoreal Muck. Though Salandit is not physically strong and works alone, she uses this to her advantage and is excellent at outsmarting opponents. Her cunning and apathetic nature serves as an antithesis to Lunatis, a Pokemon with whom she shares both a rivalry and past.

Dartrix: Dartrix is the head of the Rescue Team Federation in Pelipper Town. Dartrix is a posh and proper Pokemon who works efficiently, but he pairs his penchant for clock-eating stories of his youth with a stark impatience for anything that’s not about him.

Tapu Koko: Tapu Koko is a local legendary Pokemon from an island nearby Umberas. Unlike most other legendaries, Tapu Koko freely interacts with other Pokemon around him and does not take his responsibilities seriously.

Tangela: Tangela is part of Team Bruiser and a resident…bully? While he certainly has a mean streak, he seems to have forced it down in favor of strained kindness. He’s also jittery due to the unusual nightmares that plague him and Pyukumuku every evening, though he tries hard to hide it.

Pyukumuku: Pyukumuku is part of Team Bruiser and a resident…bully? While he’ll do whatever Tangela says, he is a coward and fears the nightmares he’s been plagued with a bit more than he fears Tangela. He treats other Pokemon with sporadic kindness in hopes that it will make the nightmares finally go away.

Marrowak (Alolan): Alolan Marrowak is a gruff and one-track gold-ranked rescuer who trains himself atop Rapture Peak. He prefers to do his work alone, and will not provide other rescue teams with his services unless they defeat him in battle. Later, it’s revealed that this is because he was once a team that repetitively used him to do all the work while they stayed under-leveled and weak. After defeating him, you earn his respect, and he will join your team and help you in the story quest.

Ninetales (Alolan): Ninetales is a resident of the snowy islet in the heart of the Shimmering Tundra, where he keeps watches over the Frozen Archives. He is visited to discuss how the main character was brought back to the human world. Like his Red Mystery counterpart, he is aloof and honest.

Oranguru: Oranguru is a new spirit medium and the Pokemon responsible for quizzing you before you enter the Pokemon world. She is a freshly appointed medium and doesn’t think she’s nearly as wise as she could be, but she does her best to provide you with guidance when you visit her.

Type: Null: Null is a synthetic Pokemon who came to this world in a kind of mysterious accident. Alone without its human creators and possessing strength equal to that of gods, it once threatened to destroy the entire Pokemon world…but a pair of unassuming Pokemon supposedly took it down. For its heinous actions, it was locked up in the Mt. Alcazar Prison.

The Order of Maelstrom: The mysterious “Order” is an organization of enigmatic water Pokemon that have been stirring up chaos on the Umberas islands. They obey anything their leader commands of them, who many speculate to be Kyogre--but this is not confirmed nor has any compelling evidence outside of conspiracy.
It doesn’t help that water pokemon seem to be gradually falling under the order, whether or not on their own volition…

Lord Maelstrom: Nothing is known about the ringleader of the Order, although they have been loosely dubbed “Lord Maelstrom”. This Pokemon (if that) causes destruction for destruction’s sake. When asked why they do this, one of Maelstrom’s strongest followers said that it is to “take back the sea from the land”. But even they seem hesitant on whether or not that is the true cause. Rumors span from Kyogre, to a fire type bitter towards their own kind, to something not human nor Pokemon.

Team Guts: Team Guts is a gritty Silver-ranked team led by Wartotle and is comprised of Passimian, Alolan Raticate, and your Partner at the beginning of the game. Wartotle brings the tactics, Raticate the snark, Passimian the fire, and your partner the…heart?

Team Gossamer: Team Gossamer is the ephemeral and effeminate Platinum-ranked rescue team comprised of Lurantis, Clefable, and Pidgeot. The highest ranked team on the island, they are beloved by the entirety of Pelipper Town. While they preserve an illusion of great unity, they do not have the balance that other female teams in Pokemon past, like explorer Team Charm, have; in contrast, Team Gossamer are all extremely vain and seem to be more concerned with themselves than their teammates and rescuees. Lurantis herself is prone to manipulative behavior, especially when it involves something she would really rather not do.
Wartotle once tried out for this team (as a Squirtle), but she was rejected.

Team Cryptic: A mysterious and aloof team comprised of Lapras, Golduck, and Vikavolt. Apparently not that fond of the ‘ruffians’ on Team Courage.

Team Courage: A fiery and headstrong team comprised of Flareon, Magmar, and Midnight Lycanroc. Apparently not that fond of the “stuck-ups” on Team Cryptic.

Team Hunch: A laid back and well-meaning team comprised of Pom-Pom Oricorio, Electabuzz, and Cutiefly. Just happy to be there.

Team Snooze: A two-Pokemon team comprised of Komala and Snorlax. Apparently quite good at their job if you can wake them up.

Team Bruiser: A two-Pokemon team of tiny bullies, comprised of Tangela and Pyukumuku. Although they seem to be trying to reform their ways…

Planned Chapters (19 total):
Chapter 1: Iterance
Chapter 2: Old Friends, Fresh Beginnings
Chapter 3: The Lady and the Bandit
Chapter 4: Tremor Troubles
Chapter 5: Minion of Maelstrom
Chapter 6: Visions of the Past
Chapter 7: Archives in Ice
Chapter 8: Legendary Fools
Chapter 9: The Harvest Festival
Chapter 10: Homesickness
Chapter 11: Gut of the Geist
Chapter 12: The Creature
Chapter 13: The Price of Justice
Chapter 14: Hysteria
Chapter 15: The Eavesdropper
Chapter 16: The Fire Walker
Chapter 17: The Strongest Duo
Chapter 18: I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye
Final Chapter: Goodbye

The above is a hefty chunk of my notes for this project. I’ve done my best to write it as one might expect a canon mystery dungeon game.
If you made it all the way to the bottom of this, thank you! If you are interested in hearing more or participating in any way, do let me know in the comments or PM me directly.