Short-term Need spriter for a item plugin


Hello, i am creating a plugin that add new items to pokemon essential with the objetive to diversificate the early game itempool and add synergies to not too competitive pokemons. Its already implemented in code but i need some one to make the sprites.

Please tell me if you have interessing to illustrated the items.

Obs: you dont need to make all the sprites, if you make 1 i am already grateful
Obs2: even if the funcioanlity is alredy implemented, we can discut a chance in name/ideia of the item

Old Photo: When held change the pokemon ability to his pre-evolution. (already being illustrated)
Wory Sprout: When held users gains the ability insonia
SPAGGETTICODE: When held users become pure bug type by the power of bad coding
Electroactive Matter: When held by electric type pokemon, boost explosion/self-destruct attack and use the greater stats between attack and special attack (Electrode BOOM)
Gravity Orb: every attack to the user makes contact (already being illustrated)
Occultist Punching Glove: When held boosts fisical Dark, Ghost, Psychic,Poison type moves by 1.15. (A mixture between muscle band and plate items) (already being illustrated)
Little Tech: A techician for 40 or least attack moves
Bip Bop Machine: When held, decrease user damage by 30% and his partner by 15%

...More 12 items not so interessing that i will put later in the post
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