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Pokémon: Liberation
The region of Raelis has been a disunified nation since the Old Kingdom had fallen, comprised of individualized cities and towns. Since then, dark times fell upon the citizens, and hundreds of leaders and trainers have tried to conquer and unify the land. However, they sought power and glory, and due to their selfish hearts, none prevailed. Now, centuries after the time of the Old Kingdom, a Darkness is rising up again. It will take the full unification of the region to combat this evil. Will you unite the land? Will you defeat the Darkness? Will you be chosen as the “Liberator”?

-an immersive story arc in which the character’s choices affects the outcome of events, such as choosing sides in a civil war!
-battle leaders in their towns and cities in order to gain their loyalty in order to unify the land!
-new regional forms of classic Pokémon such as Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile!
-certain Pokémon will have added types, such as Electric/Dark Luxray and Grass/Fairy Bellossom!
-a few brand new Pokémon including baby Kangaskhan and Slowbro’s tail! (No names quite yet...)
-and much more!

Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking of this project for quite some time but never have had the ability or connections to put it into action. I have a great story that I have come up with that I’d love to share and I’d love some help to turn this dream into a reality. I have experience with Pokémon essentials and some spriting, but nothing too big. I am however highly motivated and looking for people to contribute in any aspects they would want to! Off the top of my head, here’s a few roles I’m looking for just to get started:

probably the most important right now. I have some experience in this but would love help designing new forms of Pokémon and a few new fakemon as well.

-Concept Artists:
I definitely need someone that can make a title and menu screens at least, potentially some other concept art of characters and the region as well just to start at least

Original music is always great!

-Map Makers:
I was planning on just using the FireRed tiles provided with Essentials to start and I’m pretty proficient in making maps myself, but I’d love any help that I could get!

Once production is further along, I will most likely reach out for more roles, but this is what I would need just to get the game on its feet. I appreciate any help that anyone is able or willing to give! Message me if you have any further questions or know anyone who may be interested! Thanks!

Chikorita, Rock/Psychic type!

Cyndaquil, Ground/Fighting type!

Totodile, Ice/Dark type!
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