Recruiting Pokémon Ogham: A MOTHER/Pokémon fangame.


Pokémon OGHAM is a fangame combining aspects of both the Pokémon battle system and the Mother/Earthbound battle system. Rather than your pokémon fighting for you, You may fight alongside your pokémon in order to conquer the trials of the Nuada Region, a region based on Ireland and Celtic Mythology.

I'm looking for any kind of help, although right now I am most in need of Trainer spriters, Devs and Tilespriters. This is a pretty new project, so far, I have a consideration of what I'd like each town to be, an outline of the region itself as well as the plot.

(Plot Summary: In the mythical region of Nuada, where Trainers and Pokémon fight alongside each other, an evil presence beneath Loch Cruach drains humans of their ability to use PSI. As hospitals and PokéCenters run out of Nurses with the required PSI, many decide to rise against this power, travelling the land to find the root of Nuada's evil: Team Chrome, determined to stop the powers they see as destructive and unnecessary.)
Here's a small imgur album of some stuff I've done thus far. Note that this is a very new Work-In-Progress, so not much has been obtained yet. Here
If you're interested, please feel free to contact me for more info on my discord: PrimalCyndaquil#3286