Recruiting Pokémon Fallen Light: Team recruitment


does anyone read this?
Pokémon Fallen Light is a project that has been in development for almost 2 years now. A Pokémon project with a lot of fakemons in it. The game takes a unique visual style with a hi-res 32×32 pixel for each tile. The game takes place in a region named Nodorro which is not based on any real life country or city.

You play as a young protagonist who has found himself knocked out in a cave with a weak memory of his past. On his way to find an exit he meets an archaeologist who happen to be on a research trip got him out of there and to the archaeologist home with him. From then the young protagonist went on a journey across the region searching for answers to his past.

^The game has a dark tone to it, so its not gonna be for everybody.
^multiple choices and actions effect your game. main story can get effected also every side story or quest.
example: skipping a trainer in a certain area might cause something minor to happen.
^A unique art style.
^A big region to explore.


_Graphic artists: UI / battle backgrounds


If you are interested in joining in creating this project please contact me here via PMs
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