Font Not Taking Up Window


Local Robot
Apr 4, 2017
Long time no see!
Wanted to drop this here since I couldn’t find an answer, but is there any way I could go about making it so text takes up more of the empty space in textboxes? There’s a lot of elbow room and I’d rather have more words on screen than more people mashing ‘A’. Here’s an example, I’m using the Pokémon Red and Green font from Essentials and I’m still in Essentials 16.

Thanks in advance! This is purely a quality of life thing so don’t stress if it’s not fixable. Great to be back!


I'm pretty sure this is a feature, and how it works in the original games (gen 3/4/5 maybe). If it takes up less than two lines, I believe it tries to split it somewhat evenly. I think I turned it off at one point, but that's global, meaning it'll always display everything to the maximum width, which in some cases looks actually more awkward than when it's cut in the middle.