The Next Generation


On January 12th, 2019 not only will the Relic Castle Archive be closing (more on that here), but I will be departing from the staff team entirely and passing ownership of Relic Castle to Marin. At an undecided later date, Aki and Shgeldz will be departing from the staff team as well, but I won't speak on their behalf.

To say it's been an absolute pleasure would be an understatement. Me and Atomic Reactor started planning this community in 2014 with the goal of maybe getting 100 members; I think we surpassed that not even a month after launching. We really wanted to build a community where you could easily receive feedback for your project, and where seasoned fan game developers could interact with newcomers to the scene and help guide them. Given the influx of new developers on the scene over the past couple years, I'd like to think we succeeded in this regard.

No doubt that our biggest success was the Relic Castle Game Jams. What started as an experiment (considering past game jams on Pokecommunity had received minimal, if any entries we weren't sure what to expect) ended up being a cornerstone of the community. While it's definitely difficult to correctly estimate how many games have been made in Essentials, I recall checking the Essentials Wiki after the third game jam and entries for the Relic Castle game jams made up more than half of the listed games on the wiki. That's pretty damn incredible, and that's all thanks to the amazing developers who pushed themselves to get something out in a month. Not only that, but some of the entries are some of the most original and highest quality fan games we've seen. You guys made judging the game jams very difficult, it was usually pretty close!

I think this community really tapped into something special. It's full of wonderful and creative people, but over the past year I've been thinking about passing the torch over to someone else. My personal interest in fan games has been wavering for a little while, and I don't think it's fair to be a bottleneck for improvements and growth to the community. When organizing the previous game jam, I said to myself that I would start searching for a suitable person to take over in September.

Knowing that Aki was also planning on departing sometime later, we talked about our various options. We know that we didn't want the community to be discontinued because we couldn't find a suitable owner. We wanted there to be a new generation of leadership. New leadership that would drive the community forward, and in a different path. I firmly believe that every staff member we've ever had (myself, Atomic Reactor, Cilerba, Yuoaman, Aki, Shgeldz, Jayrodd, Mr. Gela, Dawn Bronze, Marin, Arma, Vanilla Sunshine) had something new and different to bring to the table. I wouldn't want the person leading the community to run things exactly the same as myself and Aki, as I believe the community itself has much more to gain from different leadership and ideals.

With that in mind, we chose Marin. I believe he's a solid choice and his experience in helping manage other communities is a huge plus. I've specifically told him to not feel pressured by our leadership style and to do what he feels is right for himself and the community -- there's no "gap" missing that he has to fill with me and Aki going, he should carve out his own niche with his leadership. I'm very confident in his ability to keep things running smoothly, and to improve the community as a whole. There's no conditions I've given him with running the community -- he's free to do as he pleases and has 100% ownership of the site, Discord, and everything; but I've also not hesitated to explain my stance on things such as monetization and the past mistakes we've made running the community. You're in really good hands with him at the helm.

This is definitely a bittersweet goodbye for me, but I'm really privileged to have worked alongside this community for this long. Thank you for that. Best of luck to everyone in all of your future endeavors!

Mr. Gela

Discord: theo#7722
Jul 19, 2015

Recently I've learned that when your interests don't align, it's okay to move on. I'm happy you'll be able to pursue new interests if that's what you have in mind!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for building such a wonderful site and community.


Actual Relic
Mar 23, 2017
Remember when P2 Laboratory was a front runner for the name of this place? Can you imagine...

Anyway, welcome to the staff member graveyard, it's cold but it's home.


Sandwich Master
Apr 1, 2017
I remembered joining this joint atleast a year after it first was made, then I joined the Discord after the second jam happened, or atleast I think so? I used to just be a lurker and occasionally join a project but now I'm actually doing dev stuff. Thanks for being the admin here and for those sweet world-building chats.


Wiki Dweeb
Mar 24, 2017
You've all been great leaders for this community! Thanks for your work, and I hope stepping down gives you time to pursue what you enjoy!

And Marin, congratulations on your new position! I look forward to seeing where you take the site!


happy dev
Aug 5, 2017
You’ll be missed Deo! You’ve been nothing but nice and welcoming to me. I did kind of expect this after I saw a tweet about you being done with fangames, but it’s still saddening to see such a dedicated, warmhearted person leave the community. I’m confident Marin will do a great job as the new lead, and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you end up doing next! (I may want that link to the OW discord now lol)


Member of the Aether Foundation
Aug 22, 2018
I'm wishing the retirering staff members all the best! I may not dwell in this community for that long yet, but I've quickly grown to enjoy this place a lot - thank you for managing the board.


Apr 2, 2017
Relic Castle is one of the best places for game development content regarding Pokémon. It's beatifuly crafted in a way thats clean and easy to use, so it's kinda sad to see the departure of the former staff who made it what it is today. Even then, I look forward to see how it will be managed in the new generation.
Thanks for all the work you've done! (:


A wild Minun appeared!
May 17, 2017
Thank you for warmly welcoming everyone and making me feel at home here.

The textes you write are always a treat to the eye.

And your feedback on my iron mapper entries were always on point.

You helped me develop my skills and contributed greatly in making me feel home in this comunity. Thank you for all that.

I'd be glad to still see you now and then after quitting beeing admin here. Even if you don't do fan games anymore.

I wish you the best of luck and succes for whatever your future may hold for you.


Feb 4, 2017
Hey y'all. It's been a lot of fun and my personal honor to help grow this community over the past 3 years through social media. It makes me so happy to see all of you making new connections, learning from each other, and finding new and exciting friends and projects. We managed to build a robust Game Jam program, and use social media as a vehicle to get your games played. I wouldn't trade my time in this position for anything. That said, it's time for some changes.

Effective today, I'm going to be stepping down as social media manager for Relic. I think a change in leadership presents a great opportunity for someone new to take this role and learn to build these skills. I don't have the time I used to to devote to keeping social media active and reaching out to YouTubers etc., so it's only fair I pass the torch.

I'm not going anywhere any time fast, I'll still be on the Discord (HE) and still working on Pokémon Sea/Sky, and have told @Marin that I'm happy to work with whoever will take over the social media role moving forward to make a smooth transition. Thanks again for letting me be a voice for the community here. Love y'all.


Rainbow Mage
Feb 11, 2019
I might be new here and would have been happy to know of the souls that came before me to be on here but... All the same, I hope that both teams, new and old, are happy in their positions in the here and now and in the future that is yet to be told.