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Pokémon Amethyst Topaz and Quartz

This is a post for anyone willing to contribute anything at all out of pure generosity to my in progress Pokémon games Amethyst, Topaz and Quartz. Even if it is just one sprite or one line of code!! ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED

This project is becoming to hard for me to develop it by myself and any help on the project and or feedback you can provide on the game is much appreciated!!!

What is Pokémon Amethyst, Topaz and Quartz?

It is a series of custom Pokémon games that take place in the Utopia Region (Subject to Change). Based on the real life Faroe Islands. You (The Main Character) embark on a journey to liberate the evil Team Norse (Viking Group) from the many islands and prevent them from awakening an ancient Pokémon they are after.

Synopsis: Team Norse with their fleet of naval ships in hand have surrounded the many islands of the Utopia Region. They pillage the islands in an attempt to gain the knowledge needed to awaken an ancient Pokémon that was said to have unbelievably strong powers.

As a result of the Naval Blockade the most common of items are now scarce in the region. "Clearance" items/balls are made locally at a fraction of the price and a quarter as effective. Ex. Clearance Ball is $2 each and .25x catch rate.

All 649 Pokémon found within the base of Pokémon Essentials (Generations 1-5) can be caught within these 3 games along with 40-80 "Fakémons" based on the Flora and Fauna of the Faroe Islands. Potentially Generations 6 and 7 could be added but that is not a priority as of current.

Pokémon Amethyst, Topaz and Quartz will also feature a special island only able to be visited once the player has received the National Dex from the Professor. On this island the player will be able to encounter a vast amount of Pokémon they have not yet encountered on their travels.

The games will also feature an achievements system where items such as Rare Candies and various special Pokémon can be obtained.

Currently I am very disorganized with the project but have many ideas. I have already made many miscellaneous temporary sprites, Portions of the Script, Rough Draft version of the Regional Pokédex and very early drafts of some the Essentials work.

I will withhold the rest of the details for those interested in playing the games once I finish them.

Ideally looking for people who can do scripting for the storyline, spriting, and assist with more complex coding. (Also looking for anyone who knows anything about creating custom music for the routes and such -- Albeit less important as free music off of YouTube is a thing if no one is able to help in that department)

ANY help as I said is MUCH APPRECIATED!! Anyone who assists with the project will be credited in the final version of the game. (Might even have a trainer named after them with the Pokémon team of their choice!!)

If you are interested in aiding with the project you can contact me through the comments here or through Discord (

I work on the project whenever I have time and will respond/communicate with you as I see them.

I have no real timeframe for completion of the project. It will get done when it is done. I do not intend to rush things.

Thanks for viewing!!!


If it matters I use Version 16.2 of Pokémon Essentials.
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