Recruiting Recruiting anyone for Pokemon Virus project

Welcome to Pokemon Virus!
Pokemon Virus is a fan game about a young boy or girl and your two rivals on a wonderful adventure collecting badges, meeting new friends and Pokemon while also trying to stop the evil teams Team Digital and Team Pride .

Planned Features For Pokemon Virus
  • 100+ Pokemon
  • All Pokemon up to Generation 5
  • DS Style Sprites for Pokemon (or GBA Style)
  • Improved Learnsets for Pokemon
  • Fairy Type Added
  • All Moves up to Gen 6
  • Side Quests

How to Join
Do you want to join Pokemon Virus? All you have to do is reply to this thread! State what you want to work on, or what you'd be comfortable working on, your experience, and I'll send you a private message here to get your contact information (any messaging app will do, from Discord to Twitter!)

What are you looking for?
A whole team- whatever you're willing to do, it will help. Spriting, Scripting, Programming Whatever! Even social media managers to get the word out of Pokemon Virus! Any help is appreciated. You'll be working with a variety of different people, so of course, I hope you have an open mind to different types of people.
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