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Hey everyone! I’m starting recruitment for my fan project: Pokemon Amber

Pokemon Amber takes you through the Deoro region, a region bustling with the excitement of people rediscovering pokemon training. Can you help your friends grow to meet the challenges of carving out a pokemon career in such a new and uncertain scene? Can you discover the mysteries of Deoro’s past and present to save the region from a villainous branch of Team Rocket and Team Skull?

Find out for yourself! When the game’s out, which it’s not, but that’s why this post is up. So hello and thanks for clicking! (Well that’s not entirely true, scroll to the bottom for details on that part).

Hi I’m DrChillgood, I’m a 22 y/o game dev major from Southern California. I’ve been working on this game for about two months on and off since last march. I’ve finished the first chapter of the game and I’m at the point where I’m willing to commit to finishing it out. I have about 2-3 hours of gameplay ready, and the player can be expected to have a level 10 team and be introduced to the region, main characters and a bit of the main conflict.

Amber’s Deoro region is based off of California. The map itself is geographically influenced by San Francisco bay but the whole state is represented in the locations.

Deoro is region torn between the old and the new. Where there are the bustling metropolis like Los Orados in the west, the eastern portion is rural and still deeply connected with the long and rough history of the region.

The game’s theme, much like the region itself, focuses on the transition of time, the passing of one generation to the next. It explores what it means for not just individuals to change, grow old and pass on their knowledge, but what it is for a whole people to do the same.

The project is a much more faithful adaptation of pokemon games and should hopefully feel like something you can imagine actually being published. There are some more real themes in Amber, but the light hearted and optimistic spirit of the franchise is never compromised (infact, it’s probably brought out more in some ways).

Features at glance:

- New California-based region: Deoro
- Gen5 sprite animations for battles.
- Gen7/story styled progression.
- Character focused story arcs (I /will/ try to make you cry, but you know, in a wholesome way)
- Some puzzles and exploration
- No new pokemon, revists and remixes old pokemon instead
- HM items and other gen 7/6 QoL features
- Fixes to power creep
- A more faithful interpretation of the series
- Probably more memes and goofs than there should be, but hey, what can I say?

Detailed notes:

-The game will also incorporate some aspects of gameplay introduced by competitive play (IE: tanks, sweepers, setters etc) in a natural way that should help the play explore the depth of pokemon battling system.

-Gyms are exchanged for challenges a la Sun/Moon. There’s a much larger emphasis on the character’s rivals. Characters as a whole are explored deeper and the story as a whole is more character-centered.

-There’s also puzzles and secret locations planned to encourage exploration. While side objectives and exploration can be hard to implement, hopefully Amber can provide some of it.

-The game uses a gen4 art style with some borrowings from gens 3 and 5. The music is mostly dpp (the soundfont’s so good to me leave me alone) and I’m trying to work with a gen5 style of animations for battle sprites (courtesy of Luka S.J.s elite battle system).

-Stats, items and systems are being modeled after gen 6 and 7 (thanks to the work of Mej71, Marin and many others listed in the credits from their gen6/7 asset packs) to make sure things stay streamlined and as balanced as possible.

-I should mention on that last note, I’m taking time to undo some power creep where I can since an rpgmaker game doesn’t have to worry about trading. This should hopefully allow the player the freedom to make more interesting choices when building a team.

-No fakemon are planned for this game, I just didn’t feel like the extra time was worth it for this project. Also, since I don’t have any pressure to find a mix between new pokemon and previous pokemon, I’m free to mix and match through all the generations to really flesh out the ecology of routes and towns in the region. I’m also doing my best to use more obscure pokemon (or undesired pokemon that I buff to make them more viable) and I’m trying to feature them in the story in ways the show and games didn’t. So you might not see new pokemon, but hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing less common pokemon in new and interesting contexts.

-Pokemon also are involved more in the story similar to the anime. Amber has less of “Trainers cause problems and have pokemon” and more of “Sometimes, pokemon cause problems and trainers deal with it”.


At this moment I’m looking for an artist most of all. I’m going to detail how I feel about each role so if you want to apply you have a sense of what the project needs.

I will however find a place for /anybody/ who is currently at university/a job with the intention of using this project to help them practice their stuff. If you are going to school to write, do music (you don’t have to be at a university for music, if you’re really trying to do music in general that’s dope too), do art, program or do game design and want practice or portfolio material PLEASE let me know. If it comes down to it (I doubt it will though) I’ll have to put a limit on team members but I’m willing to be VERY flexible.


Since the pokemon essentials community is so robust and willing to share its work (and I’m so so so grateful) I don’t have a huge need for scripting since mostly everything the project needs exists and is pretty easy to adapt. If you have a lot of previous experience doing scripts or want to try to implement a system you haven’t seen before that could be interesting with the project, that would be okay. The project is currently on a git repo so you would have some liberty to experiment even if you weren’t fully committed to the project.

Music people are rare, and for the most part I got what I need. It would be super cool if anyone out there knew how to convert or transcribe other pokemon music out there into the DPP soundfont, or if you have transcriptions (or even original compositions) in that soundfont. I’d be very lucky if any of you all who do music would be up for that.

I’m a little less open on design-side stuff as that’s the part of development I take the most interest in. If you’re a fan of doing more focused design work (like event sequencing, specific map/interior work, etc) that’s probably where you’d fit in.

This is the least needed out of all the categories. The story arcs of the game are planned out and the lore is pretty cemente.
As with design, any help that is needed with writing is with more specific details/events, or with actual dialogue.

Oh we’re gonna need testers. So many testers. If you want to test, scroll down to the bottom.

Currently just picked up an artist so the project should be good with art for now, but please feel free to at least apply anyways.

As with anything, if you’re interested in any part of development, send over a message about why you’re interested, what you see yourself doing or adding to the project and some example of your work if you have any.

As mentioned above, if you are a university student (or are working on your career as any kind of artist) and want to be a part of this project, please say so when you message me, I will do my best to find a place for you with respect to who messaged me first and weather or not the team is too large.

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope Amber interests you, I hope your interested in contributing and I hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am.

If you want to know about how you can get your grubby paws on the demo and the game in general, direct your eyes down but three lines, my dudes.

Release schedule:

If you’re just interested in testing, or if you want to keep getting the game as it’s worked on and polished chapter by chapter, also message me with the subject “testing”.

I'll keep this direct link up to the game for a week or two so anyone reading this can try the first chapter out.

I don’t want the project to get closed by n*ntendo so I don’t want the game floating around longer than it needs to be. I want it finished so I’d rather keep details about it as low key as possible. All the project needs is testing to make sure it works then it will be gloriously (hopefully) thrown into the internet a complete game.

That being said, It would be nice if you made sure not to feature Amber in youtube content until it's done for the time being. If you really want to though maybe message me. This will probably be more open as time goes on.

If you would like to be more of a tester and not someone who just plays as its worked on, please let me know that too. You’ll get earlier, rougher copies of the chapter in exchange for reporting bugs and testing out certain features. This is work the team will be doing as well, and I realized it’s not very glorifying work, but if it interests you regardless I’d be happy to have your help. You /will/ have a special place in the credits too. Not that it’s the biggest reward but hey.

My previous credits document was lost somewhere in development. If you have work in here that wasn't properly credited PLEASE let me know, I've tried my best to recompile credits,and I want to make sure I have everything.

This game wouldn't be possible without the countless hours of work put in by the community as a whole. I want to make sure ALL contributions are accounted for the BEST I can.


Better Region Map
by Marin
Overworld Shadows
by Marin
Easy Mouse System
by Luka S.J.
Ultimate Title Screens
by Luka S.J.
YoshiCLONE<s>Mario Gamer
Elite Battle System
by Luka S.J.
DP Pause Menu
by Marin
Marin's Scripting Utilities
by Marin
Luka's Scripting Utilities
by Luka S.J.
Shape Appender
by Marin
Pokemon Follow Script
by Mej71
Tile Debug Script

Gen 6 Project:

Gen 6 Project Project Organization:

Gen 6 Project Pokemon Sprites:

Gen 6 Project Pokemon Icons:

Gen 6 Project PBS file editing:
Radical Raptr

Gen 6 Project Research:

Gen 7 Asset Pack
Zeak6464 <s> Tapu Fini
Rot8er_ConeX<s>James Davy
Luka S.J.

Art Assets:

Gen 4 Assets
4th Gen Matt
Overworld and Trainer assets
Gen VI overworld assets
Terrain Assets

More Tileset Assets
POKEM4NIAC<s>Platinum Tyrant
Heavy-Metal-Lover <s>WesleyFG
Erma96 <s>Alucus

Pokemon Essentials BW pack:

Research and Data:

Professional play and databasing for various assets:

Viability breakdowns:
False Swipe Gaming (Youtube)

Pokemon breakdowns and other information:

Map breakdowns and other information:

Contributors from Spriters Resource:
HGSS char sprites
HGSS Intro assets
HGSS bag assets
Map tile reference

Tutorial Sources:
Thundaga (youtube)
Without whom this project would not have even gotten started
Seriously, this guy’s tutorials are THAT good.

Special Thanks:
You the player, ya dingding.

"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby<s>Luka S.J.
Boushy<s>MiDas Mike
Brother1440<s>Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami<s>Popper
Jacob O. Wobbrock<s>the__end
Lisa Anthony<s>Wachunga
and everyone else who helped out

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