Help Enemy Pokemon position not changing/saving


Hello all, new guy here, I come from PC where I post all the time, but sometimes these forums seem a little more responsive so im just gonna post the same thing here that I did on my other thread!
So in my game I have some pokemon sprites that are bigger than usual (double the size of a normal sprite) and every time I battle against them, its floating way up in the air. the altitude isn't being changed because it doesn't have the shadow under it, but the Y position is. so ive gone into the editor in game, and tried editing the pbs outside of the game, but for some reason none of the changes make it move. ill edit the numbers and when I go back and check, the number have been saved and changed, but its not affecting the sprite position at all. does anyone know how to fix this? or is there possibly an issue with the size of the sprite that's making it not work? I didn't think size would be a problem since even the vanilla essentials has different size sprites going from gen 4 to 5. any help appreciated :)


A wild Minun appeared!
Is it floating up in the air or is it just displayed at the top? If it is floating up ... then when exactly does the floating up start and end?