Recruiting Pokémon: Come With Me, Riolu! / Let's Explore, Shinx! Looking for Help


Hi, I'm currently working on a project called Pokémon: Come With Me, Riolu! / Let's Explore, Shinx! and am looking for help on the game. The game is in the style of the recently released Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. It's meant to be a fun and simple game! The game is meant to feel like the older games, Red/Blue/Green/Yellow! It's a story about the friendship between the player character and there Shinx and Riolu! The progress of the game is going well, and here's a few screenshots of the game:

What I'm looking for, in terms of help for the game is: Someone who is able to make Overworld, Trainer and Pokemon (possibly Fakemon?) Sprites, someone who is able to look through the grammar and spelling of the game to make sure that it's top notched, and Mapping. The reason I'm looking for another mapper is because, I feel that someone could help me also map. All these positions are for both long term and short term, it really depends on you. I'm also willing to let you play an Alpha of the Game, to get a feel of what I'm going for and to help you get a better idea of the game. All are long term or short term, it depends on you.

Also, I was thinking of making a wiki, and was wondering if someone would like to help me with running that.

If you need to contact me, here's a link to the game's discord channel:
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