Demo Pokémon: Let's Go, Shinx! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Riolu!

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Inspired by Let's Go, Pikachu / Eevee, Pokémon: Let's Go, Shinx! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Riolu! takes place in the region of Minto. You are a new trainer setting out on a Pokemon Journey, that's reminiscent of the classic Pokemon games. Pokémon: Let's Go, Shinx! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Riolu! are meant to be a classic game that's very simple and easy as you explore Minto with Riolu or Shinx. It's a new adventure meant for everyone!

  • Explore a classic, yet fresh modern region with Shinx or Riolu
  • Both Shinx and Riolu have been given a buff.
  • Shinx's new ability is Static, while Riolu's is guts.
  • Both Shinx and Riolu cannot evolve.
  • A very simple game, in vain of Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.
  • A Pokemon game with personality!
  • An old school looking game with modern mechanics!
  • The GSC Beta Pokemon will be available in the game!
  • A built in EXP. All.
Game Screenshots:

Pokemon Essentials:
Flameguru / Poccil (Peter O.) / Maruno
Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu / Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon / Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platnuim- Junichi Masuda
Summary Screen:
Pokemon Overworlds:
All 721 Pokemon Overworlds by Aerun
Built In Exp. All:
Following Pokemon:
Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, Venom12, mej71
Gen 6 Sprites:
  • MrDollSteak - Everything except what's listed below
  • Chaos Rush - For allowing (MrDollSteak) to continue the DS-Style 64x64 Pokemon Sprite Resource,
  • Arceus-Fairy, Espurr Front, Bergmite Front, Goodra Back, Talonflame Front Basis
  • Layell - Permission to use sprites from the Smogon XY Sprite Project, QC on various sprites from the XY Sprite Project
  • Sylveon Front, Vivillon Front, Mega Absol Front
  • Spherical Ice - Litleo, Hawlucha, Dragale Front, Binacle Front, Mega Beedrill Front, QC on Delphox
  • princessofmusic - Flabebe Front, Floette Front and Florges Front, Klefki
  • Sky High - Mega Salamence, Diancie Back, Vivillon Icon, Pyroar Male Icon, Dedenne Icon, Xerneas Icon, Zygarde Icon, Diancie Icon, Hoopa Icon, Hoopa Unbound Icon, Volcanion Icon
  • Wobblebuns - Pumpkaboo Fronts, Helioptile Front, Goomy Front, Sliggoo Front, Mega Kangaskhan Baby
  • Redrooster - Diggersby Front, Barbaracle Front, Meowstic Male and Female Front
  • N-Kin - Froakie Front, Pancham Front, Malamar Front, Hoopa Front, Volcanion Front
  • Zerudez - Chesnaught Front, Fletchinder Front, Mega Manectric Front
  • SupahSnivy - Fennekin Front, Carbink Front
  • Branflakes325 - Pangoro Front, Aegislash Front
  • Legitimate Username - Aegislash Front, Diancie Front, Mega Garchomp Front
  • aXl - Braixen Front, Doublade Front, Hoopa Unbound Front, Mega Sableye Front
  • Superjub - Sylveon Back
  • Seiku88 - Gogoat Front
  • Gexeys - Amaura Front
  • al199288 - Fletchinder Back
  • Sleet - Skrelp Front
  • The Cynical Poet - Mega Slowbro Front
  • Noscium - Furfrou Front
  • Tayub1221 - Aurorus Front
  • SSJ4 Furanki - Noivern Front Basis, Skiddo Basis
  • Arkeis - Aromatisse Front
  • Quanyails - Honedge Front, Volcanion Back, Mega Absol Front
  • Orchid - Volcanion Back
  • GeoisEvil - Dedenne Front
  • Wyverii - Xerneas Front
  • Vale98PM - Zygarde Front
  • thedarkdragon11 - Hoopa Back, Volcanion Front, Mega Garchomp Front
  • TrainerSplash - Hoopa Unbound Front
  • MilanesaCosmic - Mega Manectric Front
  • Fridave - Bunnelby Front, QC on Mega Houndoom and Greninja
  • Versekr Dark - Mega Garchomp Back
  • Nordk - Phantump Basis
  • Hoenn - Clauncher Front Basis
  • GOLDstandard - Delphox Front Basis
  • Doesntknowhowtoplay - Fennekin Icon, Braixen Icon, Delphox Icon, Fletchling Icon, Fletchinder Icon
  • Thundrake - Pancham Icon, Helioptile Icon, Heliolisk Icon, Carbink Icon, Hawlucha Icon, Avalugg Icon, Noibat Icon, Noivern Icon
  • orly32123 - Dragalge Icon
  • Criminon - QC on Greninja and Mega Blastoise
  • Slowpoke13 - QC on Chesnaught, Litleo and Pyroar
  • Soloo993 - QC on Quilladin, Pancham, Espurr and Sylveon
  • Dursem - QC on Noivern
  • Derxwna Kapsyla - Making them properly compatible with RMXP
Trainer Sprites:
aveontrainer / Droid779 / DJBMaster
Custom Graphics for Pokemon-Essentials Pack
Marin's Stuff
Marin: Utilities, Better Region Map
Window Skins
Mr. Gela
Advanced Weather
Mr. Gela
Replace Party Pokemon
Gen 7 Battler Sprite Pack
Amethyst, Jan, Zumi, Bazaro, Koyo, Smeargletail, Alex, Noscium, Leparagon, N-kin, fishbowlsoul90, princess-phoenix, DatLopunnyTho, Conyjams, kaji atsu, The cynical poet. LuigiPlayer, Falgaia of the Smogon S/M sprite project, Pikafan2000, Lord-Myre
Pokemon Castaway Party, Bag, Naming

Demo 1.0:
What's in the first demo?
-Up to one gym, and about 1 and a half hours of gameplay.
-Various Pokemon that are able to catch
-Meeting characters and getting an idea on what the plot of the game will be about
Shinx Verizon:
Riolu Verizon:

What Happened to Pokemon Spodumene?
Well it's not cancelled, but this is a spiritual successor to it, so some elements from that will be put into this game. Also, there's a 99% chance this might end up being made in Essentials GS. This is not the final product for the game so things can change. This is just to give people an idea on the next project, I'm working on!​ - Link to Discord
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I'm looking forward to seeing this game and I hope you will be able to catch Shinx and Riolu in the wild as well because my favorite Pokemon is Lucario and I would love to have it in this game.
Yes there will be wild Riolu's and Shinx's in the wild that are capable of evolution.


The beetle is waking up
I was pleasantly surprised by LGPE, and so I'm excited to see this project! I guess one of my favorite things about LGPE was its "personality" as you put it, and how it has lots of little tidbits here and there, so I'm really hoping that this does that too. Looking forward to this, good luck! Also I love Shinx so even more to love about this project.


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No D: I had the idea to make a Pokémon game based on LGPE but not with Riolu/Shinx but yes with Eevee and Pikachu D: I hope no one else has the same idea, but other than that great idea with shinx because in LGPE many people didn't liked it because pokemon of other gens weren't catchable specially riolu


No D: I had the idea to make a Pokémon game based on LGPE but not with Riolu/Shinx but yes with Eevee and Pikachu D: I hope no one else has the same idea, but other than that great idea with shinx because in LGPE many people didn't liked it because pokemon of other gens weren't catchable specially riolu
You should still try and do the idea, the Let's Go games is like one big template to do so much with it.

Explore the region of Minto with Shinx in this Alpha Demo of Come with Me, Riolu / Let's Explore, Shinx! - Please give feedback too if you decide to play it, it can help improve the game. It's a very, very, very, very, early version of the game.