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Nuri Yuri

What is PSDK ?

Pokémon SDK (also know as PSDK or SDK) is a set of tools allowing you to make a 2D Pokémon Like Fan Game. It’s currently maintained by Nuri Yuri and some people in the French Community is helping to implement features in PSDK.

Why using PSDK while there’s Essentials ?

Well, PSDK is another way of doing the thing. What PSDK tries to do is providing a Kit that is using modern technologies while Essentials does reinvent the wheel because it’s using old technologies that doesn’t allow to do another way.

PSDK may probably have less feature (which is probably wrong btw) than Essentials but the development of PSDK is more intensive and open. While the last Essentials Update (v17) was done in 2017 (2 year ago) the last PSDK update was a week ago. Between the 25th December of 2018 and the 3rd July of 2019 PSDK got 32 updates.

You may think that 32 updates is a lot and it’s hard for the maker to follow but in fact that’s the complete opposite of how update are done under Essentials. Under PSDK to update you project you only click on a button & tada! You’re up-to-date!

Pokémon SDK Launcher giving the update option​

Sometimes PSDK requires manual actions during the updates (when common events are updated or switch are updated) but most of the time you have nothing more to do than clicking this button.

PSDK also have something that makes the Games running under it way better than Games running under Essentials : It uses SFML (which uses OpenGL). This way PSDK runs in 60, 144 or even 240FPS (the game always process 60FPS for now because of the RPG Maker compatibility) and can go 1080p if you designed your game with the right native resolution. (A plugin will come later for Game that was made for 320×240 to turn then in 640×360 to allow 720p & 1080p).

What’s the PSDK features ?

System Features
  • Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock)
  • Particle System (display animation on characters according to the terrain without using RMXP animations)
  • FollowMe
  • Quests
  • Double & Online Battles (P2P)
  • Running shoes
  • Key Binding UI (F1)
  • Multi-DayCare
  • Berry System
  • Online Trades (P2P)
  • GTS (you need to add an external script)
Mapping & Event Making Features
  • Shadow under events system
  • Extended event info (using the event name)
    • This feature allow the maker to specify various thing like the event graphics y offset, if the event display shadow or even if the event needs to display a sprite (optimization).
  • SystemTags (Give more info about the terrain and allow specific interactions)
    • Wild info System Tags (+Particles) : Tall Grass, Cave, Sea/Ocean, Pond/River, Sand, Snow etc…
    • Mach Bike tiles (muddy slopes & cracked tiles)
    • Accro Bike tiles (white rails & bunny hop rocks)
    • Slopes (HGSS thing)
    • Strairs (4G+ stairs)
    • Bridges (With event support)
    • Ledges
    • Rapid water tiles (forcing direction) / Ice (sliding)
    • Wet sand (Water particle on player)
    • Headbutt
  • Dialog / Text Database allowing easier translation for the game using CSV format
  • Special Warp fades (5G out->in & 3G transition)
  • Weathers : Rain, Harsh sunlight, Sandstorm, Snow, Fog
  • Premade common events : Strength, Dig, Fly, DayCare Hosts, Berry Trees, Dowsing Machine, Head Butt, Cut, Rods, Rock Smash, WaterFall, Flash, Whirlpool, Rock Climb, Teleport, Defog
  • Voltorb Flip
  • Ruins of Alpha puzzle
How to get & install PSDK ?
  1. Join the Pokémon Workshop Discord (we’re French but English is allowed)
  2. Gently ask for the download access in #access_psdk (hello + please is required for the bot).
  3. Go to #windows and download the last full version.
  4. Go to #ruby-host and download the english version (it’s the database editor)
  5. Extract Pokémon SDK & Ruby Host in a World Writable folder (without any special chars like é ç or ö or stuff like that in the full path).
  6. Start the launcher & update PSDK (because the full archive aren’t always up-to-date).
  7. Enjoy using PSDK with RPG Maker XP.
Alternatively you can also get to the official download page : Download PSDK

For now, enjoy some screenshot of the PSDK UIs

Party Menu​

Summary UI​

Pokédex List​

Pokédex Info​

Town Map in the Pokédex​

Trainer Info​

Key Binding UI
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Sorry I didn't know how to explain in english :3


Have they found the One Piece yet
I've seen you talking about this in dev-discussion. Should be interesting to see what people make of it!

You could have chosen literally any language and yet you still chose Ruby though.

Nuri Yuri

@Simeo : Si tu peux me transmettre les fautes ça m'intéresse ^^'

@Dragonite : I'll try to gather screenshot of project on PSDK :)

For the language, I have choosen the one I was fine with it and the one that isn't really hard to learn/use. I could've made everything in C++ (the LiteRGSS is written in C++) but everytime you want to change something, you have to build everything (which is very slow under Windows) and some user could get Segmentation Fault and won't be able to fix them. The other problem is adding stuff, with Ruby if I want HTTP I just write "require 'net/http'" and I can perform HTTP request, in C/C++ you have to find a good library that isn't painfull to use.

(I could also choose python, perl or lua but I don't like those x))


This looks really interesting, and I'm looking forward to messing around with it in the near future.
Just one question though (and I feel like I already know what the answer is, but I'll ask anyways): considering how different the code is, I'm assuming that established Essentials scripts would have to be redone for SDK right?

Nuri Yuri

Most of them yes.
And all the scripts that requires text display cannot be imported since in PSDK it's forbidden to draw stuff using bitmaps (for obvious performances reasons). We display text in a completely different way. A good example can be this : Elements_d'interface/02000 UI__TeamButton.rb (it's one of the status bar shown in the party menu).

Some script probably has equivalent feature in PSDK, otherwise it should be requested as a feature so we would add this in futur update ^^ (I just need a lot of time to implement the thing)

Nuri Yuri

Thank you for the Ruby Host translation :)
It's now a link in the first post :3

Btw, I uploaded Starter Project with Alpha 24.27 that adds a lot of new feature (like the KeyBinding UI when you press F1) and fix some bugs from Alpha 24.16 :)