Help May I make a user-friendly downloadable tutorial for RMXP and PKMNE?


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I haven't been building fan games lately and have instead decided to pursue real programming. I'm finding concepts in fan game creation much easier to understand than when I started, and I feel like I've learned a lot that can help a rookie game maker out, from the basics to tips about RGSS scripting. That's why I would like to make up a free downloadable user-friendly text tutorial that just puts all of the information collected by fan game designers in one place. I realize that Pokemon Essentials comes with a fairly comprehensive tutorial if you know how to use it, but some people who are new to RMXP and Essentials may not know how to use it.

The problem, though, is I think I would need permission from the original creator(s) of Pokemon Essentials and from the countless others who have modified the scripts. This would just be a project to test my programming skills and put all of the information in one place (and allow offline access in case the wiki is ever taken down again.) So, assuming I need permission, do I have your permission to do this? Message me if it's okay, or if you believe it is unnecessary, please let me know that, too. I may start working on it anyway if no one replies.
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