Creative Pokemon game making exchange?


dabbling in game design
Would anyone go for this?

I have some ideas for a couple of Pokemon fan games, but I don't want to build them myself; however, I'm willing to build an original game of a similar quality in exchange for having the fan game idea(s) built. I was wondering, would anyone like to participate in some kind of game making exchange, where, in exchange for a Pokemon hack or fan game according to my specifications, I build an original game for you of similar quality, according to your specifications?

I've been experimenting with game making, and, even though I'm not a pro programmer, I could probably build something fairly decent if you gave me the plan. In exchange, I would give you my plan.

Message me if you would like try this. I just don't feel like building my own fan games right now. My whole hangup has to do with how Nintendo reacted to Pokemon Essentials, but I still think I have some pretty neat ideas that I would like see made into a fan game at some point.