Recruiting Hello everyone i need coders for pkm essentials

im making a fan game called PKM eclipse
and i need coders for moves
Abilities and a z move charge meter that charges throughout the battle
Pokemon Eclipse you play as a little girl with a cosmog and a Necrozma
and later on your Cosmog evolves into a fire steel Solgaleo
you play through an alternate universe version of Alola where they're is 5 islands
and a new tapu
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happy dev
Hi there! If you want people to join your team you'll probably need more info than this. You'll want to talk about what the game is about, and showing screenshots typically helps get people more interested. Finding a coder will probably be difficult, there's not many around so you'll want to give the ones that are around a reason to join. Simply saying you need this and that without showing anything about your game will probably scare people away as it seems you either have little or no progress on the game, and nobody will really want to work on a game they know nothing about. I wish you the best of luck with recruitment ^^
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