Recruiting Team Members wanted for Pokemon Infinity


Hi fellow Pokemon fans! My name is Cubex and I'm developing a Pokemon fan game titled Pokemon Infinity, which is a game that will mix in both old and new features of Pokemon! As of writing this, the game is really early in development, and having a committed team on board to help would be absolutely awesome!

The game will have:
-Over 100 New Pokemon
-A completely new region, characters, etc.
-And some more features along the way!

As of now I only have concept art and some sprite work.

I don't really want to reveal much about the game so far, but contact me if you're interested and want to receive more information! Thank you!


Sandwich Master
Hello Cubex, I just wish to say that the images for this project aren't fully shown, I assume that might've been an error when you attempted to publish the recruitment thread.

I think the other thing is potentially to say who exactly are you interested in recruiting, I think it'll help show who could help you with development along with helping fill in the gaps with certain abilities you yourself aren't the strongest at. Regardless, I hope for the best when it comes to development.