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Work in Progress Project Antiquis and Chrono


Welcome to the Udrijan region. A world of excitement, adventure and fossils!


It is just after your 12th birthday and you are finally able to get your first Pokémon and start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer. But there is just one thing. Your mother does not want to to leave. A month before you before you were born, your father went missing. Your mother does not want to lose her only child. Reluctantly she lets you go and tells you to meet with Professor Jeremiah Alder, the region's professor.

After meeting with him, the Professor tells you why your father went missing. Professor Alder was once a local farmer in the Udrijan region. After the death of his son, Alder decided to adopt your father, an orphan at the time and raise him as his own. Many years later, Alder, while studying the history of Pokémon, in particular, fossils, asks your father to go in search of them. But he is never seen from again.

You must journey through the Udrijan region and uncover exactly why your father disappeared. You also hear about the evil Team Avalon who want to find the fossils in order to enact Project Antiquis and Chrono. What will this project do? It is up to you to find out and stop it before utter chaos and destruction come to the region.


Play as either Edric or Molly, a 12 year old, living in Grendon Town, ready to become a Pokémon Trainer and explore the Udrijan region

Professor Jeremiah Alder:

The professor of the Udrijan region. Before becoming a Pokémon porfessor, Alder was a farmer in the Udrijan region. He has a strong interest in the history and the evolutionary development of Pokémon. This led him to focus his works on fossil Pokémon.

Edric/Molly's neighbour in Grendon Town. She is a feisty girl who never backs down from a challenge, yet is always there to help those in need.

Team Avalon:
A villanous team within the Udrijan, They have an interest in the fossils of three ancient Pokémon that have been rumoured to exist in the region. It is also said that they want to start Project Antiquis and Chrono. But what is this "project" and what will it mean for the Udrijan region?


Grendon Town

Lostbay Town

Petaleaf Town

Steepfield Town

Westgate City

Windby City

Planned Features
- 144 brand new and exclusive Fakémon
- Post game accessible area
- Music not found in any other Pokémon game (we hope)
- New unexplored region
- Some HMs will be items (HMs such as fly are not items as we cannot yet think of anything to replace it with. This may change)

This game is still in the early stages of development, which can explain for the somewhat limited screenshots. We will be giving updates about the game (new Fakémon, character designs etc) over on our tumblr blog. We do not have a facebook or instagram yet, but if a lot of people want us to have one, we will consider it (no promises though)

Development Team
joey-and-rattata & Devil Lain

If you would like to join the team, we would love to have you as part of our team. However, we are unfortunately able to accept everyone who wishes to join. We hope you understand.

- Maruno & Peter O (Pokémon Essentials)
- FL (Simple HUD, Daycare checker, Team Preview between switches)
- Yanka (Radial Menu)
- Marin (Overworld shadows, HM items, Easy questing interface)
- Lucidius89 (Party screen's ball matches ball the Pokémon was caught in)
- Amethyst (Construction worker overworld sprite)
-Luka S.J (Modular title screens)
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What will be the starters options in this game?
Since this game includes fakemon, the starters are as follows:
  • Grass - Herbadeer
  • Fire - Cubbub
  • Water - Beaverton
At this stage, we only have sprites of Herbadeer but this may not be its final in game design as we are currently looking for spriters and that will more than likely mean either design or style change

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I am looking to join one of these projects! I don't have much experience, but I'm happy to learn how. I want to try helping with basic ideas, concepts, and things regarding the pokemon and storyline. Please message me on Instagram at Joe_____j (5 underscores), or on snapchat at Joe_roadrunner.
Project Antiquis and Chrono has its first demo. As of now, there are no fakemon or custom character sprites. You will be able to battle the first 3 gyms (in any order) and complete some quests