Short-term Spriter to Z-Pose Graphics and Scripter to Z-Move Animation - Z-Move Add On


Hello there!

The reason for recruiting is that we have been able to join Luka (Elite Battle System: Next Generation) script with Z-move Add On (made by AmethystRain and cia). We already have the script 100% operational, working, including thanks to Zeak6464 and Coffee Guy (From PC Forum), @MGriffin and @Mr. Gela for the aids provided. Thank you very much. And we go further! Below a gif:

Ultra Burst and Z-Move "Light That Burns The Sky":

Im looking for Spriter to draw the names of all Z-moves (ie below) in pixel art (2x2). Like:
Name example (to convert in pixel art)

So, and i need Scripter to Z-Move Animation, to work on copyin the move than exist in MoveAnimation (EBS Script) and edit to be like a zmove.
Something like this:

So who is with us?
If you are not a spriter however you are interested in helping, feel free to chat with me.

Obviously, everyone involved in the project, whether in the script for zmove animation, or as a spriter for creating the z-pose, will be given due credit for the respective creation.

I await your contact!
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