Short-term Spriter to Z-Pose Graphics and Scripter to Z-Move Animation - Z-Move Add On


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Hello there!

The reason for recruiting is that we have been able to join Luka (Elite Battle System: Next Generation) script with Z-move Add On (made by AmethystRain and cia). We already have the script 100% operational, working, including thanks to Zeak6464 and Coffee Guy (From PC Forum), @MGriffin and @Mr. Gela for the aids provided. Thank you very much. And we go further! Below a gif:

Ultra Burst and Z-Move "Light That Burns The Sky":

Im looking for Spriter to draw the names of all Z-moves (ie below) in pixel art (2x2). Like:
Name example (to convert in pixel art)

So, and i need Scripter to Z-Move Animation, to work on copyin the move than exist in MoveAnimation (EBS Script) and edit to be like a zmove.
Something like this:

So who is with us?
If you are not a spriter however you are interested in helping, feel free to chat with me.

Obviously, everyone involved in the project, whether in the script for zmove animation, or as a spriter for creating the z-pose, will be given due credit for the respective creation.

I await your contact!
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Discord Wolf#1235

Because its very complicated to draw the poses, I will not put them in the script.
The recruitment from now on to:

Draw the Z-Crystals and the names of each Z-Move in Pixel Art.
I.e below (please do not use without my permission):

Deviantart Gallery

Make Z-moves within the Elite Battle System's Move Animation script. Example below of the script running with animation (wip move animation):

If you have a sense of script or spritin and have an interest in helping, feel free to talk to me.

If you do not know how to do either, but you want to help in some way, talk to me and I'll teach you how to do it.

Discord: Wolf#1235

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