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What is Overwatch?
"Overwatch is a team-based online multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One." You can read further on what Overwatch is on Wikipedia.

Overwatch is a pretty swell game. I've been playing it since about a month after release and I think it's probably my go-to PC game to play. I really loved TF2 way back, and Overwatch just brings that spark I have for team based FPS games back out.

Please, feel free to discuss and share Overwatch related things in this thread. I'll start with a small questionnaire to start off:
  • What platform do you play Overwatch on?
  • Who do you main?
  • What are your favorite maps?
  • Is there any future content you're looking forward to?
Also feel free to share your battle.net tag, or whatever else you want in order to play with other forum members!


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O V E R W A T C H is a great game that my good buddy deo has roped me into and now I can't exist without it, it's pretty great! Play on PC because i don't feel this game lends itself to controller very well otherwise I would have picked it up far sooner. I'm a filthy Junkrat main most of the time because I find his burst damage and mobility to be enjoyable, but I'll flex pick between Reinhardt, Winston, Lucio and Mercy when playing seriously. As far as maps I'm a huge fan of Eichenwalde, the aesthetic is pleasing and all the characters I play have some interesting roles in progressing the objective. Also enjoy Temple of Anubis but I'm not quite sure why, just something about it does it for me.

As for future content, new maps are the only thing I haven't gotten a chance to experience since I started playing and I'm really looking forward to it. Figuring out all the little tricks about each map is one of my favorite things about this game right now because each map has a lot of little intricacies for each character and it's neat to learn. Supposedly we'll be getting a new map in the next month or so based on the trends of the last year, and by forum posts from the overwatch team. Very excited!

Battlenet tag is Jayrodd#1413 just let me know who is adding me before hand if your name doesn't match here and there!
  • I play Overmeme on PC
  • Zenyatta is fam and Ana is best mom so I just spam them and Zarya when I'm playing tank.
  • Ilios is great, especially when it shows up in ranked and I hate Hanamura because it's just a Mexican standoff.
  • Blizzard always does a good job at making new content so I don't even know what I would ask for.
I'd play a lot more OW but it sucks without friends and all of my friends who were interested in it in the past year don't play any more soooo.... yeah.
That's why I usually just play Dota by myself and I should probably remember that OW exists once in a while.

Raiden#12798 if you wanted to add me but if you add me let me know here so I know who's adding me.


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  • Pc all the way!
  • I mainly main (excuse the pun) mercy, diva, mei and maybe phara? Although I don't think main is a good term since that sorta implies you are decent at playing them and I am just a bronze Scrub
  • I don't really have a favourite map, but when they edit maps to be consistent with the events in the overwatch world makes me really happy
  • I look forward to the new events, they always pull me in to play a fair bit so I can get those cool skins
I really enjoy overwatch because I don't have to be good to have a fun game or two. It also allows me to play casually without penalty, only coming back once a month or two

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  • PC myself tooo. I feel like once you're on it you can't really go back to console, FPS with Mouse+Keyboard just seems so much more free and accurate
  • I mostly play Pharah, Soldier, Zenyatta, Winston, Lúcio and Reinhardt. I haven't played competitive as much recently cause getting to Platinum was my only real overall goal for the season, so in QP I don't play my mains specifically but they're the characters I'm best with that I play in most serious situations.
  • My favourite map sorta coincides with me playing a lot of Pharah and it's Lijiang Tower. KOTH maps in general are usually pretty fun (not the biggest fan of Oasis though). Lijiang just has a really nice aesthetic to it that I appreciate and all the opportunity for environmental kills make playing Pharah, Lúcio and Winston really fun.
Overall this game is just really fun. The gameplay sounds repetitive on paper but due to each of the heroes being different in their own way it really makes it easy to come back to.
I love playing overwatch, but I use a PC, it's mind boggling to hear people play on the console :cold_sweat:
I usually never play FPS games, but overwatch is a total different ball-game! I highly recommend it to anyone who was considering it but hasn't gotten it yet!

When I play, I mostly play with friends and try to role fill as best I can, though I'm partial to Junkrat! I try and branch out, and have found Rein to be a fun tank :eyes:
I really like playing on Kings row and Temple of anubis, they're super sneaky maps that have really interesting chokes and little alternate routes to pull off crazy sneak attacks and flanks that end at one major all out brawl.

Also, incase anyone hasn't heard, there's going to be an anniversary event starting next week! I'm super excited, if there was ever a time to pick up Overwatch now is the time!

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  • What platform do you play Overwatch on?
  • Who do you main?
  • What are your favorite maps?
  • Is there any future content you're looking forward to?
I play on PC. Don't worry, I don't think I'm better than people who play on consoles; I'm actually quite trash at this game.

Mains...well, it changes a lot. In quickplay, Roadhog and Lucio take up the most hours, followed by Junkrat and Soldier 76. In competitive, which I rarely play, Lucio takes top spot. Currently, I am pouring my gametime into Zarya and other assorted roles.

Ilios is my favorite map, easily. (Lijiang is a close second.)

Uh, more characters that take the formula in interesting directions, and more skins for unloved characters. If Tracer gets one more skin, Blizzard doesn't get anymore of my money. That said, I think we need more skins to complement the new Sentai skin for Genji.