Discussion Happy birthday thread!

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Holy cow we're really having a lot of Birthdays here on Relic.
Almost a new one every day. Jeeze!
People from all over are growing the site, that's so cool.
Probably, now that I think about it, we're going to grow in size even more over the course of the next few months.
Years even!

But that's besides the point.
I really like the love in this thread.
Really makes me happy to see everyone wishing each other well.
There's, a lot of love!
Hoooookay, so I guess I should start my well wishes.
@Dimbus Maximus I hope your birthday is great!
And of course, that you celebrate with family and friends.
You should enjoy your day!

And of course how could I forget!
Knowing today is a birthday shared by two!
@Isadantheartist a Happy birthday to you!
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