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Hello, I'm recruiting pixel artists for a game me and my team members created for RC Game Jam 4. Since I would like to start changing the plot, and continue making the game 'till the post-game, I would like some more help.

  • Gen 5 Overworld Artist - One that can start a sprite from scratch. Nothing too insane but you're gonna be mostly making Grinches and other sprites alike.
  • Trainer Artist Gen 3 or Gen 5 - Can make sprites from scratch, then again you're mostly gonna be spriting Grinches and stuff. And can also edit existing trainer sprites. The sprites doesn't have to be animated, but it's better if it is.
  • Gen 5 Tilset Artist - Not much of a priority, but as long as you can modify existing sprites make them look better it is fine.

Project Title: Pokémon Christmas Stories

Team Members:
• xUMG - #events #story #sprites #maps
• Haunted Ditto - #sprites
• Aldo - #maps
• SenKey - #maps

Screenshots: You can check out the game's thread for the screenshots and progress

Method of Contact: You can contact me via discord, xUMG#4982

Additional Information: My time zone is GMT+8, and I also am not very active at discord atm but I'll try my best to interact to my members when needed.

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