Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles


I agree. I have the same nostalgic thing like you. My fangame is a remake of all the gen 3 games: fire red + emerald. For johto, i remaked the crystal to make it compatible with gen 3 style. And i remake some events from yellow or other official games. Even the wild encounters and lvs are a mix of gen 1 + 2 and 3. If you played my fangame you will notice this things. I builded a fangame that has 4 entire regions for players to play. This project is at its final stage of development and it gives you lots of stuff that i added, to make it more "complete" with some stuff from further regions. I will post the sprites pack as soon as possible, and take your time to do the sprites.
Sounds good!! Can't wait to play the complete game. I have along list of games to try :)