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Freelance Offering my services for SMALL requests


  • Expertise: I do pixel work, primarily Pokemon-style fakemon sprites and tiles. I have limited/basic experience with trainer sprites and various other Pokemon-style sprites. I don't do overworld sprites.
  • Examples of Work: https://www.deviantart.com/magiscarf/
  • Method of Contact: DM me or reply here.
  • Timezone: UTC 8:00 / North America Pacific / California
  • Additional Information: I'm mostly looking to help folks with small requests, that is, requests like making or editing a small tile or couple of tiles, a quick fakemon from a sketch or reference, an edit of a WIP fakemon, or an edit of an existing Pokemon. I am not interested in joining a team or any long term commitment. I'm willing to try out other things I haven't specified here, but I can't promise anything.

    I work at a haphazard pace so please do not request anything that you feel is essential to your game because it may be a while before I can get back to you even if I agree to help.

    I reserve the right to refuse any request, of course, particularly if I think it is too big a request or not something I feel I can reasonably do. If you're not sure what is appropriate then just ask. It's hard to know what might be too big at any moment for me depending on how much I have on my plate at the moment.

    What would be best for me is that you have something of your request ready when you ask. In other words, saying "Can you help me make some more fakemon or tiles?" won't get as good a response as "Can you help me expand these tiles [inset examples] so there are more trees/buildings/water/etc.?" or "Can you sprite this fakemon I drew [example here] in 80x80 using the same color palette as Mewtwo?" The more detail the better.


dabbling in game design

I guess it never hurts to ask, right? I'm wondering if you could touch up some custom player back sprites for me (just the little pictures that show the player throwing a ball / bait)? I only need the player back sprites edited, really. I tried to edit them myself, but they came out looking blurry and still had a white outline around them when I imported them into my game...

Again, I think I already have the back sprites--taken from an outline for another game and slightly modified; I just need them edited so that the images are of better quality.


Hi! I really like your stuff, having seen it all over deviant art. I was wondering if you could alter a Lugia sprite for me? I am looking to have a deep-sea powerful looking alternate form, but I just can’t seem to Sprite it correctly. Ideally I need the front, back, icon, and overworld, but I think I could work out overworld and the icon on my own if I had the other two.
Anyways, even if you don’t take on this project, keep up the good work!