Help Pokemon Center PC Crash


I have 2 bugs. Not sure if it is happening with my game only. I upgraded my game to 17.2 and for some reason I can't use the PCs in Pokemon Centers anymore. The game crashes. Also when I start a new game my player is invisible. When I open my gab, leave the rout, or enter a building the game crashes.
Have you tried purging your save file? In my experience, sometimes you have to go manually delete the Game.rxdata save file. The reason why is there are a lot of saved variables that are loaded before your save is. Even if you wiped your save game, some of them would still be there due to how the main menu is set up.

If a script was set up to be compatible with multiple versions of Essentials (i.e. Marin's Scripting Utilities), it's possible that the script still thinks you're on an older version of PE because it has a saved variable stating that you are. I'd try backing up, then deleting your save file and see if it fixes any of these errors.


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He just hasn't started his game properly. The wiki states two things that must appear in the "game intro" (i.e. the very start of the game) - these things make the player visible, amongst other things.

Essentials comes with this already working. It's surprising to see anyone who decides to delete the event which works and is necessary without looking at its contents.