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This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.
Project Status
Work in Progress

The Story:
One night, you start to have a strange dream. You're walking up an unstable staircase, can see glimpses. Glimpses of what may be. At the end of the stairway, you meet a man calling himself Professor Kanzan.
A Pokémon Professor.
It's your first interaction with the world of Pokémon, and it won't be your last. Your journey begins the next day as you find a doorway in the middle of your local glade.
You're tasked by the door's resident to find the scattered Axis items, the source of its power...Your goal is clear.
Welcome to the Azarium region, where people are disappearing, Pokémon are attacking the local populace, and a sinister force called Team Void lurks in the shadows...but are they the true threat?

- Level caps based on number of badges (7/14 badges in v3.1 for cap of 55)!
- Autosave button(F8) and fast forward button(Alt)!
- A large selection of Pokémon to obtain, now with a Trade Cable item for those pesky trade evolutions!
- Overworld encounters!
- Pokémon have Birthsigns that can grant various effects!
- A new, never before seen catchable Celestial Boss will be available. (Be warned, though, it's very strong. Save before you attempt it!)
- Sidequests that help flesh out the Azarium region!
- Your choices matter, and now have quite the impact...

Note from the developer:
Hi, Mashirosakura here! So, Pokémon Axis first released in March of 2017. Which is, uh, quite a long time ago, now that I think about it.
The game has evolved quite like the Pokémon within; sometimes to huge extents, sometimes in other, smaller ways.
At the start, I was just messing around with RPGMaker and Essentials, just breezing through the map-making and making a slightly half-assed story. And then it happened: the great bug purge of v2. Man, what a mess. And that honestly made me rethink how I was going about the whole game making process.
So progress on v3 started. I redid everything, the maps, the Pokédex, and most importantly the story. Now the story, honestly, hasn't gone through nearly as many changes as you'd think. The dialogue was mostly rewritten, but the events are for the most part the same as v2.
The update came out, there were a few bugs to start, and then the game slowly just stopped being checked. Sure, we had a Discord, and I was fixing small bugs, but for the most part I was just focused on slowly going through the rest of the leftover events from v2 that had to be remade for v3.1.
And then October 2019 happened. A fair few Youtubers had played the game before then, but this one blew it up. The Discord was flooded, I was getting bug reports left right and centre: it was pretty overwhelming for one guy just making a game at his own pace. Thankfully this flood sent a bunch of testers and even a fellow dev to help out. Hopefully, this shows in v3.1.
I also do have a Discord server you can join if you'd like!


Game made in RPGMaker XP by Enterbrain with the Pokémon Essentials v17.2 plugin currently being updated by Maruno.

- Hiker/Lady/Camper/Picnicker/Supernerd overworld sprites courtesy of Young-Dante on deviantART
- The Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation teams for their multiple tilesets and move animations.
- The Smogon team for their multiple Gen 6 and Gen 7 sprites, with some Alolan forms sprinkled in.
- Akiza16 for her Pokémon Go styled summary screens.
- Aldo for his help making the party screen.
- Nyjee credited for his Piplup/Prinplup designs.
- Arma for his work on interiors from Draig Town onwards.
- PokeMiner20 for finding a load of bugs and getting the Trainer Card and map proportions
in order.
- Lytje for his work on the battle ui.
- SweeperSnivy for his Dhelmise sprite.
- Pikachumazzinga for his gen 6 shiny party icons, Alaguesia for her adjustments.

- Item obtain sound effects (Pokémon Sun and Moon)
Aoki Katsumata 勝俣蒼気
- Battle! Down To The Wire (Pokémon BW/Victory Lies Before You! (Symphonic Remaster))
- Battle! Gym Leader 2 (Pokemon Sun and Moon - Vs Elite 4 Remix)
- Towns! -Aurae City (Pokémon Gold-Silver-Crystal - Violet City (Jazz Arrangement))
- Side! -Bike (Sunnyshore City Remix)
Best Dude55
- Side! -Gym Theme (Gym Theme remix)
Black Time
- Encounter! Marina Encounter (Lillie's Theme)
- Battle! Team Void Royal (Vs Team Galactic)
- Towns! -Typhos Town (Pokémon BW - Lacunosa SummerMix(Collab with Mewmore))
- Side! -Star Observatory (This song deserves a name yet I can't think of anything fitting)
- Battle! Mysterious People (Pokémon BW2 - Neo Team Plasma Battle (Remix))
- Side! -Ultra Wormhole (【minecraft】)
- Side! -Ancient Ruins (Sinjoh Ruins remix)
- Towns! -Katla Town (Pallet Town(RBY) remix)
- Atmosphere! -Paranoia
- Atmosphere! -Progressive
- Side! -Ladanax Mining Cave (Pokémon Tower Remix v2)
- Battle! Team Void Admin(Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Skull remix)
- Routes! Bahor Mountain (The Desert Caravan)
- Routes!Azarium Seas (Pokémon RSE/ORAS Orchestrated - Abandoned Ship/Sea Mauville)
- Towns! -Hometown (Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon- Tree of Life Roots Remix (Tropical-Deep house))
- Atmosphere! The Old Ways (Hang in there)
- Battle! Gym Leader (Vs Unova Gym Leader)
- Side! -Pokémon Center(Night) (The Center at Night)
- Battle! Spectral Avengers (Pokemon B/W/B2/W2 - Vs. Team Plasma Grunt Remix)
- Battle! Rival Marina (Battle! Friend XY)
- Battle! Southern Trainer (Versus Sinnoh Trainer)
- Battle! Team Void Grunt (Battle! (Team Galactic))
- Encounter! Marina Wants To Fight! (It's A Pokémon Battle(XY Rival Encounter))
- Routes! 1 + 2 (BW Route 2 (Summer))
- Side! - Evolution (Evolution Theme)
- Towns! Draig Town (New Bark Town (Piano Cover))
- Dimension! Ghost Dimension (Old Chateau remix)
- Routes! -Golduck Bridge (Skyarrow Bridge remix)
- Side! -Neak Forest (Lillie's Theme)
- Side! -Imogi Sewers (Virbank Complex)
- Side! -PokéMart (XY Boutique)
- Side! -Surf (Mantine Surf)
- Towns! -Ikuchi Crossroads (Dreamyard)
- Towns! -Selinus City (Lavender Town)
- Towns! -Typhos Town (Pokémon BW - Lacunosa SummerMix(Collab with Dasgust))
- Routes! 7 (Route 15 Remix)
- Side! Eunomia Hall (Kimono Girl Encounter)
- Side! -Pokémon Center(Day) (Pokémon Center remix)
- Towns! Imogi Town (Lilycove City remix)
- Routes! 4 + 5 + 6 (GSC Surfing remix)
- Side! -Game Corner (GSC Game Corner remix)
- Towns! Alcyone Town (Decisions)
- Towns! Eunomia City ('East West Festival' (Daytime in Malie City Remix))
- Side! -Erebokia (Ad Perpertuam Memoriam Aster)
- Side! -Gateways (Thousands of Hues)
- Side! -Begin The Dream (PSMD - Choosing - Personality Test)
- Battle! Hina (Pokémon BW Elite 4 Battle Remix)
- Side! -Geryon Cave (Pokémon Route 216-217 Remix)
- Routes! 3 (Eterna City Remix)
- Routes! Alilou Cave (Pokémon B/W - Nuvema Town Remix - "Overcast")
- Towns! -Ladanax Island (Pokémon Sun and Moon Seafolk Village Remix)
- Atmosphere! -Invasion (Infiltration into the Plasma Frigate (Remastered))
- Atmosphere! -Technophobia (Deep Within The Team Galactic HQ! (Remix))
- Atmosphere! -Dramatic (Champion Cynthia)
- Encounter! Odd Characters (Clair's Theme)
- Encounter! Royals (Team Galactic Appears!)
- Routes! Deep Neak Forest (Eterna Forest Remix)
- Side! -S.S. Vienna (Royal Unova (Remix) | Pokémon Black & White)
- Side! -Typhos Lighthouse(Rai's Theme) (Lacunosa Town | Piano Arrangement)
- Side! Title (Submarine_POKÉMON RANGER_GS)
- Routes! Atlanta Isle (太古の夢 Ancient Dreams)

- Z-Move Script by Marcello
- Battle lines and music by HeliowaltonAU & venom12
- Wild Drops by Cilerba
- Windowbox by Mr.Gela
- Better Fast-Forward Mode by Marin
- Ambient Cries by Vendily
- Birthsign Scripts by Lucidious89
- Game Corner Script by Mr.Gela
- TechSkylander1518 & Streetie for their Star Gazer ability script
- Multiple Saves by Mej
- Gen 8 Item Find Description by Boonzeet

MediaFire & MEGA v3.1.11.3

If you find anyone trying to host this game on sites that aren't PokéCommunity or Relic Castle, please remember I haven't given them consent to do that. Please stick to those sites for constant updates.
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May 25, 2017
well lets update this bug report any of the starter crash the game
Can I see the error message?

EDIT: Ok actually I've found the issue and I've issued a temporary fix which can be obtained HERE. To apply this fix either extract this into the game folder or drag the extracted files into the folder. Yes you have to override them. Normally this should fix the issue.
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With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
v3.0.3 has arrived. I've updated the post with the new download link. Unlike previous patches, this is a full reupload.
As a warning, I have to say that Gift Pokémon do not work, and I'll try to fix them for the next patch. Until then, avoid these following gift Pokémon:
The Litten on Route 1, the Rockruff in Imogi Gym, the egg in the Selinus Dream State and the trade for a Ralts in Ikuchi Town.
A small bug that also occurs with the Item Drop script (which is harmless dw) is that a message box pops up saying you've dropped your item when your Pokémon is knocked out. It isn't actually gone, it's still holding it.

Finally, I've added a changelog to the folder, so you can see what's changed and on which patch.

EDIT: Added two mini patches in, fixing a few more bugs, and fixing Gift Pokémon finally. Have fun with 5 new Pokémon!
First post updated.
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With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
v3.0.6.5 patch is now available, it's an add-on patch to the main file, so download that one then add the contents of this to that.
Fixes a few more issues. Would like to ask if anyone finds any tile priority issues, that they can tell me about them. Thanks again!


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Jul 21, 2018
The screenshots look neat; I especially love the little tea set in the bottom right screenshot! :D


With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
v3.0.7 has arrived. It fixes a few minor bugs, and compiles everything together so we don't need to patch.
I've also removed the v2 link, as people have clicked it by mistake in the past, and I think we don't need it anymore.

EDIT: v3.0.7.6 (patch) is here with a few more bug fixes.
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May 25, 2017
v3.0.8, the Halloween update is now available. Using the new Password System found in Pokémon Centres, you can get a special gift in the month of October. See below.
136225 is the password for this event. It will give you a Murkrow with its hidden ability Prankster and the two egg moves Perish Song and Screech.

EDIT: v3.0.8.1 is now out. It fixes Rockruff not being able to become Dusk form, an update to the password system, and a few minor changes around Selinus.
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Sep 15, 2017
Currently playing the newest update Still eccounter the tileset error in Typhos Gym
The game is great though


With my wishes frozen in time and long forgotten
May 25, 2017
v3.0.8.6, also known as the "I Nerfed Rai Into Oblivion" patch (INRIO for short) is now live. A few small bug fixes, a missing sprite added.
Today, Oct 31st, is the last day for the Halloween event, so pick up your Pokémon from the Password System located in any Pokémon Center before November 1st. 136225 is the code, again. Have fun!