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Your favorite Porygon (technically Porygon-Z, but nobody's pointed that out yet) is back, this time with his own game! You may recognize him from last year's Game Jam 3, in the sadly cancelled Pokémon Revenant - yet the rest of the game doesn't hold a candle to this fellow here. Everyone wants this - even if they don't know it yet, thanks to my shoving him down everyone's throats for a year most prized creation just getting the recognition he deserves this is what my life has come to please help
You likely know Space Porygon for his fares through cyberspace. This is the tale of how he came to such a role. This game comes off the ending of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. As far as Porygon knows, the world is about to end. Thus, he sets out on a quest to find a new universe he can call home. Will you find a haven? Or will you wander forever?

Made with Pokémon Essentials on RPG Maker XP.

  • A new bullet hell combat system!
  • Challenging puzzles!
  • Stunning maps!
  • Music you might enjoy!
  • Loss references!
  • Nihilism!
  • Using the game's dialogue as projection for the creator's own opinions!
  • An ending you won't believe!

The latest version of Space Porygon is 1.0.4a
You can dowload the 1.0.4 build
If you fell victim to the softlock on the Phoenix Tower pillars, please also download this file and paste it into your game folder. Hit New Game to regain your progress.

Just me. I’m lonely. Porygon was a nice friend, I guess.

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  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky
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  • RPG Maker XP
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  • redblueyellow
Special Thanks
  • Mashirosakura
  • Makattack202
  • MarshBomb
  • jjunk1209
  • Mason Duck
  • Scyl
  • and everyone else at Relic Castle for supporting me along the way <3

Resource Pack!
If, for whatever reason, you think this game is actually visually appealing, then check out the resource pack! As a fair warning, a lot of sprites are missing frames that would have gone unused (for example, some characters do not have sprites for facing left, because they never face left). But here it is!
Space Porygon Resource Pack
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The beetle is waking up
Hey! So I tried playing the game, and it didn't really work. I came across lots of issues, small ones and game breaking ones. I'll detail my adventure below:

So first thing first, upon opening the game, this appeared, it wouldn't let me start. But I took initiative and grabbed those files it was asking for from a clean version of essentials and it worked!

I should note, the internal name of the game is still Pokemon Essentials, you'd want to change that because it can mess with save data, since it will take save data from other fan games that forgot to change the internal name (which happens a fair bit). To do that, in RPGMakerXP just go into Game>Change Title.

This is a small one, but you can actually walk through this porygon!

these stairs in the area where you get teleported down from don't actually go anywhere, they just take you back to the same map.

So this was another game breaking one, the map connections in this area are messed up, so you can't actually go anywhere. I took the liberty of opening the game in RPGmaker and aligning the map connections properly so I could progress

So with this boss, this boss had some trouble working for me. The first time the fight ran nearly smoothly, but he accidently hit himself with one of his boulders, causing the whole fight to just stop as shown above. when I tried talking to him I lost the fight. Problem is, upon starting the fight again after losing, it doesn't start, and the game just freezes in the state shown below:

and one last small one, this might have to do with me messing with the map connections, but you can actually see off the map which isn't good.
Also none of the pokemon in the town are interactable which is odd, they all have nothing to say, they just stand there.
At this point i figured I'd be better off waiting for a patch to fix it up, I didn't really want to mess with your boss fight.
All that said, I know you really struggled to get something out, and while it isn't in a working state YET, I think you should be proud. I didn't get to play much of the game, but the boss fight seemed like a really cool idea! I've never seen anything like that in a pokemon fan game before, it has me excited for what is to come later in the game. Anyway, I hope this report isn't too discouraging, I look forward to being able to play it, it looks promising!!!!


Space Porygon - Patch 1.0.1c
The Zangoose Patch

This is a hotfix that fixes the bugs with Zangoose's fight and rebalances it.
  • Fixed a softlock that occurred upon rematching Zangoose.
  • Fixed a softlock that occurred when Zangoose got in the way of one of his attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that misplaced the speech bubble of Porygon upon fainting.
  • Shortened Zangoose's hack animation.
    • Aligned the animation frames properly.
  • Changed Zangoose's mid-battle dialogue to better suit his character.
  • Removed Zangoose from the field during the energy attack section of the fight, so to prevent bugs.
    • Added an extra melee attack section to compensate.
  • Fixed a bug that would revert Zangoose's theme back to the Madura theme in the second phase.
  • Fixed a bug where Zangoose would stay invisible if you die during an invisibility frame.
  • Fixed a bug where Porygon would not rematerialize right away after the battle.
  • The map does not scroll as far up during Machamp's confrontation.
  • Fixed the names of Phoenix Tower rooms.

To play 1.0.1c, PLEASE download the patch here and paste it into your Space Porygon folder. It contains the files that need to be changed. Overwrite when prompted to.


That One Guy's GF
Hi! I've been playing your entry (latest version with the patch files in it) and I really love the music choices + the aesthetic of the maps so far. The cyberspace tileset is especially pretty. However, I've run into a couple of game-breaking bugs:

1. At the end of the Zangoose fight, you can move away from the three boulders as they are closing in. As a result of that, when you try to back away in the following cutscene, you may not be able to complete the move route, and get softlocked as a result of that. (Which is what happened to me.)

2. After the fight, the scene where you go to the portal and talk to Machamp does not end. My guess is you forgot to turn on a self switch or the correct self switch, so I runs endlessly.

The creativity that went into the Zangoose fight was very impressive to me- I bet the amount of time that must have gone into eventing it was probably nuts- even if it still needs some ironing out. I'm really liking your entry thus far, so I hope you'll get the chance to upload a quick patch for this to allow the player to continue! I really want to see what other interesting ideas you have come up with for your entry.


Space Porygon - Update 1.0.2a
This should be the last major bugfix update for now - there shouldn't be any more softlocks or game-breaking glitches. Hopefully.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to move during Zangoose's post-battle cutscene.
    • As such, there will no longer be a softlock if you move down during this cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Machamp cutscene outside to loop forever.
  • Fixed a bug where Zangoose would freeze up after his first phase if you died during Double Team.
  • Buffered Zangoose's rapid leaps a little.
    • Fixed a bug where Zangoose's leaping phase would not deal damage.
  • Fixed a bug where one of Porygon's lines appears to be said by Uxie.
  • Due to some weird data loss issues, all the unimportant NPCs in Madura had their dialogue rewritten.
  • Fixed a bug where one of Zangoose's attacks would be invisible after dying once.
  • Fixed a bug where Zangoose's attacks would move faster than intended after dying once.
  • You can no longer see the void if you position yourself right in Madura.
  • Fixed a bug where some not-in-use battle elements were visible on the edge of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the hit animation would play after the death cutscene sometimes.
  • You can no longer move or take damage while Zangoose is talking mid-battle.
  • Gave dialogue to the other Porygons in cyberspace.
  • Readjusted Zangoose's hack animation one more time.
  • Machamp will be properly positioned upon re-challenging Zangoose.
  • The transition from the Madura theme to Zangoose's theme should be smoother.
  • Fixed a bug where the speech bubbles at the beginning of Phoenix Tower would not align properly.
  • Removed some useless files to save space.

As this is a numbered patch (1.0.2) as opposed to a lettered patch (1.0.1d), you will need to redownload the game in its entirety.
You can find a download link here.


1.0.2d - The "I'm an Incompetent Fart" Update
The creator of this game apparently never removes her debug stuff. It's a good thing that's not me or anything...

Fixed a bug that literally starts you at the final boss.
I don't even have words for this one.

This is a lettered patch, so extract the files and paste them into your already existing Space Porygon folder. It does not contain the entire game - just the files that need to be replaced or added.
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If we're lucky, this is the last update before 1.1, which actually will add content and not just be me fixing my own incompetence.
  • Fixed a softlock that occurred upon trying to jump to the lower platform in Phoenix Tower's second path.
  • Fixed a bug where the second puzzle in Phoenix Tower's rightmost room would not register as solved.
  • Gave an idle animation to Ho-Oh.
  • Fixed collision with the walls in Phoenix Tower.
  • Made Porygon's dialogue when confronting Ho-Oh take place in a speech bubble.
  • Gave dialogue to the other conscious Bronzong in Phoenix Tower.
  • Fixed collision with the stairs in Phoenix Tower.
  • Added a message when trying to return to Temporal Tower from cyberspace.
  • Changed the appearance of Ho-Oh's pedestal.
  • Removed some useless events in Phoenix Tower.

This is a lettered update, so you will need to download the game again in it's entirety.
Download here.
If you fell victim to the softlock on the Phoenix Tower pillars, please also download this file and paste it into your game folder. Hit New Game to regain your progress.


1.0.4 - The Definitive (Probably) Edition
This is the ultimate edition of Space Porygon up to now. Or, more likely, for the next 12 hours until we find another softlock.
  • Fixed a plethora of bugs, including a crash, that occurred when taking Broznong to the lower levels of Temporal Spire.
  • Added more SFX throughout the game.
  • Fixed a bug with the boulders in Phoenix Tower not working sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug where the Outro text would not display.
  • Fixed a bug where some of Bronzong's lines would appear to be spoken by Porygon.
  • Gave dialogue to Bronzong after he leaves your party.
  • Fixed a tile error with 3+ tile wide stairs in Phoenix Tower.
  • Fixed a bug where the pink Porygon would disappear after the first cutscene.
  • Centered the text lines that occur on white screens.
  • Faded out the music when talking to the yellow Porygon.
  • Fixed a bug where music would not play if you loaded the game in certain Temporal Spire rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would repeatedly ram into the other Porygons after teleporting past Salamence.
  • Changed a door in Phoenix Tower so that it is harder to accidentally walk back through it.
  • Fixed a door in Phoenix Tower that would cause the player to emerge facing the wrong direction.
  • Fixed some priority issues in Phoenix Tower.
  • Fixed some tile errors in Phoenix Tower.
  • Updated the credits file to more accurately mirror the one in the thread.

This is a lettered update, so you will need to download the game again in it's entirety.
You can find it here.
I really like this game, it's very different from a typical fan game and I have to give kudos for what you have. My biggest complaint is probably that there isn't more of it, and that the fight with Zangoose is probably a bit tricky for a first fight, but that's definitely something that I've seen you talk about tweaking.

But as for what's actually in the game, it's quite good. Your dialogue writing is also particularly strong which can sometimes take a bit of a backseat in jam entries. Well done. I'll definitely be looking forward to playing future updates of this.