Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial I

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Can you handle the cutthroat and perilous trials set forth by the judges?
This is IRON MAPPER: Relic Castle's mapping competition!

Trial I. New Beginnings

Deadline: Monday, May 8th 2017

Iron Mapper
Iron Mapper is a mapping competition on Relic Castle. Each mapping competition, otherwise known as a "trial", will have a deadline clearly stated, and you will have this time to complete and submit a map according to the theme and criteria of the trial. Once all submitted maps are judged after the deadline (this depends on the volume of entries, usually a few days), the judges will post the results, and prepare for the next trial.

For more information (overall rules, how judging works, a list of trials) please visit this thread.

Trial I. New Beginnings
Deadline: Monday, May 8th 2017

Welcome back! Something we're trying with Iron Mapper is having some trial themes be a bit more vague/open, which will start with this trial! You're free to interpret this theme however you like, but we will be judging you on how well your map does stay true to it. If you're a fan of the more direct themes (first town, disaster affected route, etc), don't worry as those will be making a return too at some point.

We're looking forward to judging your maps! Best of luck!

The following criteria must be met:
  • Your map can be made with any tileset you want provided the tiles are public. You must include credits for the tiles with your submission if they aren't your own.
  • Your map cannot exceed 90x90 tiles.

The judges of this trial are the following:
@Atomic Reactor

A tip from the judges:
"There's different ways you can show the theme with your map other than just making a first route. Try thinking outside of the box!"

Submitting your Entry

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Map Name: New begining, new race!
Trial: 1 , New Begining
Critique Requested:
Magiscarf (grass, fence)
Vulvoch(podium, stadium,)
red ex Chaoticcherrycake('buildings' basket,)
zetavares tyranitar dark ( trees)
wesley fg ( trucks)
Notes: I'm not good yet in pixel art, but I try to make something original, I just want participate :)


Local Robot
Map Name: Gotta Start Somewhere...
Trial I, New Beginnings

Critique Requested: Please do critique, I made this rather quickly so I'm not expecting much but I'd love to get comments.
Credits: ThatsSoWitty (Majority) and Falcon
This map is essentially my view on a town-to-be. Essentially undeveloped and minimal inhabitants. Those living here are just starting off on their journey after moving on from elsewhere with their trusted Pokémon by their sides. Perhaps they are friends or perhaps they are rivals. As the title suggests, you always gotta start somewhere, and whether that's in a fully developed city or the middle of no where, you always tend to search for adventure. I went for the approach of not very much playability (as that may be my downfall in this contest) but the need for adventure. A new beginning to me symbolizes the start of a new adventure and as much as I wanted to go with other approaches, looking at this map makes me want to go explore the woods and face anything they throw at me. And considering that this pure thought is what sparked the games we all know and love in young Satoshi Tajiri's mind, I find it to have even more of a symbolic meaning to a New Beginning. While I could have definitely condensed it to be smaller and made it more playability friendly, I think it turned out just how I wanted and if played, would give off the same feeling I get from looking at it.


Someone who does something.
Whelp, I'm probably jumping the gun by posting this so early. Eh, oh well. I'm actually pretty happy with it.

Map Name: Resurrect

Trial: Trial I - New Beginnings


Critique Requested: No, it's perfect. Yes please.



Notes: Uh, well. It's a map. A mappy map. A map made of mappy things.


Have they found the One Piece yet
Doing this mainly because a certain Jayrodd told me to. I love sticking out like a sore thumb!

Map Name: Town Under Construction
Trial: Trial I - New Beginnings

The perspective projection makes it hard to see the part that you're probably interested in so here's a somewhat better screenshot.

Critique Requested: i threw this together in under two hours and there's about fifty things wrong with it but if you want to list them all be my guest i guess?

Credits: spikyearedpichu's DS Map Editor for some of the textures (it gets complicated after that)


I joked about doing this in Discord and then a certain mod of ours basically dared me to do it and decided to whip something together anyway. Here's a non-serious little Iron Mapper entry using not RPG Maker but the Game Maker Studio-based engine I've been wasting my life on for the last year and a half or so.

So, here's a little town under construction. It's probably about on the equivalent of Sandgem or Cherrygrove, not a huge city or anything. Would have done more with the construction equipment but my modeling skills aren't all that great and I didn't feel like pulling stuff from generous people on the Internet this time around so instead you'll have to be happy with a few traffic cones and stacks of wooden 2x4s :P

Also there's totally not RPG debug stats in the corner. No. Pretend they're not there.[/spoiler][/spoiler]


Zesty boi
Map name: Fresh Start
Trial: | - New Beginnings
Critique Requested:
Yes! Thats the only way I can improve.
Credits: UltimoSpriter, Zerudez, BoOmxBiG & Me
Notes: Well It feel really good to make a map without worrying about storyline. I really enjoyed working on this.
I couldn't really come up with something different so I just made starting town + a small route.
Tried to capture the atmosphere I wanted and I think it went well.
Map Name: Pomfey Town
Trial: New Beginnings
Credits: I used this tileset, made my me
Notes: Ponfey was a small town located on the slopes of a dormant volcano. After 1000's of years without any activity, one day catastrophe struck when the volcano unexpectedly erupted, sending lava floes down it's slopes, destroying all in their paths. Thankfully, the natural forms of the landscape around Pomfey Town saved most of the buildings from being consumed by the lava, however the Pokemart and two other buildings were destroyed. This map shows how the town's people have dealt with the damage done. For example, they have created a Berry garden to the south as a way to move on, revitalise their town and begin again.

I realised half way through that this doesn't really match this theme all to well. Never mind, it was still fun to make ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The black mountain tiles are the cooled lava floes, fyi
Oh, and you don't need to bother with critique, I figure you two will already have a lot to write as it is

(Also help I can't move on from Umber and HAD to use the same tileset @_@)
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Map Name: This Isn't 1985...
Trial: 1: New Beginnings
Critique Requested: No thank you.
Tileset made by Magiscarf
ripped from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time by Mageker
Koopa Troopa
ripped from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story by Ridge Troopa
ripped from M&L:BiS by Greiga Master
ripped from M&L:PiT by AJ Nitro
Notes: I'm sorry if Mario characters are out of place I guess? I'm trying something out and it uses Mario characters so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Of course it isn't 1985 though, Yoshi is there. Fun fact though, Miyamoto wanted Yoshi to appear in the original Super Mario Bros. as Mario's companion but that obviously was scrapped.
Map Name: Reborn

Trial: New Beginnings


Critique Requested: Yes please.

Credits:Me (I made the Cherry Tree), and I guess Game Freak.

Notes: The idea behind this map is that the environment within it is artificial, as the canyon was devoid of plant life, and the regional professor who I totally came up with a name for wanted to see what kind of Pokemon would begin populating the area.


in another life, Starrcasm
Map Name: Team Rocket's Blasting Off to the Moon
Trial: New Beginnings
Map: Team Rocket's Brand New Moon Base, ~50 years after RBY
Critique Requested: Direct all critique to @Shgeldz for anything related to the tiles underneath the building, and all else to me. (In other words, yes please)
Credits: Essentials tilesets and also Emerald Version for the Rocket. And me for edits.
Notes: 40 years after the defeat of the glorious leader Giovanni, rogue groups of Team Rocket members began to create a new group in its stead, with the same guiding principles as their old leader Giovanni wanted: Taking of the world using Pokémon! Without the holding back of treating Pokemon poorly and not training them to their full potential, Team Rocket was able to take over the Kanto and Johto regions within a few years. They invested their money in a space program, for their name sake, to have an off-world base with which to do their research to get more and more rare Pokemon and money. The new leaders of Team Rocket hailed the creation of the Rocket Moon Base as a "New Beginning" for Team Rocket! To protect the moon from devastation!

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Trial: Trial I - New Beginnings
Critique Requested: Yes please :) It's my first time working with a custom tile set and it was really fun!
and DJtiki for arranging it
So hopefully you can tell without these notes, but the town was once quite big but was ravaged by disaster, two in fact.
First there were the tremors, the land seemed to tear apart, ripping the town up into pieces. People scrambled up the cliffs trying to survive but in they just ended up falling to their end.
And then there was the rain. So much rain. Quickly the world flooded around them, filling the new crevices created, making rivers gushing down, destroying anything that could have been bellow. The crumbling cliffs were the only safe place. But the rocks slipped, slid and crumbled. The prosperous town of Genoregio had met its end.
Or so it seemed...

As the storm ended those sheltering inside the church emerged to see that only the church was left standing, the rest of the town gone, only a small community survived.
Their world had been cleansed, they had experienced a restart with only a few tools and supplies provided. They were the pioneers of this new region, once old and used.
But they had hard times ahead...

They were low on wood, and they had no shelter but the houses, they need proper homes of their own if they were to progress. However, the only trees were on the other side of the river.
It was slow but using a cloth as a rope they were able to stand steady in the river and cross it, even if it did wet their clothes. On the other side they also found some edible fruits.
Their new society was progressing, slowly but surely. Soon farms, and re-purposed old storage containers were set up. Even a bridge was eventually crafted.
But if they were going to re-create the world into what it once was, this was only the beginning...

Actual creator notes: The reason I took this take on the topic was because the name was "New Beginnings", instead of "Beginnings", clicking in my mind that maybe there were some "Old Beginnings"

The map might look a bit wonky because I tried to resize it, so if you want a proper picture, here it is...
Map Name: An EGGcellent Route
Trial: Trial I - New Beginnings
Critique Requested: Yes, please.
Credits: Game Freak, tileset is the Pokemon Essentials default.
Notes: A route with a Day-Care, where millions of trainers ride their bikes to hatch eggs. Billions of new baby Pokemon are born, thus billions of new beginnings. Because of the high amount of eggs, the Day-Care couple pile the eggs in the baskets by the fence, so trainers can pick them up themselves. The grass on the pathway is worn out by all the cycling, so lots of trainers don't stick around here for battles to avoid a collision. The house up north is vacant, as the bikes whizzing by 24/7 keeps potential buyers away. That doesn't stop the wild Pokemon in the area however, as the fastest of the fast congregate in the grass & challenge the cyclist to a match in speed.


Map Name: Route to go Mining.
Trial: Trial I. New Beginnings
Critique Requested: Yes please. It's my first time in a contest, I apreciate critiques :)
Notes: This route is obligatori if you want to go mining. The house over there is the mining club. They give you the object Explorer Kit and you are free to enter in the private cave only for mining. Can you wait for that?


[Enter Custom Title Here]
Map Name: Starting Fresh
Trial: Trial I New Beginnings.

Also Since the tileset had to be public I will post a resource on it with the same credits If anyone wants to use it :)
Critique Requested: Yes please.
Phyromatical-Composing a set of tiles
Me-Berries, Doors on the houses, Crop Areas/Crops
Notes: This map took upwards to almost 8 hours to make and then another 1 hour or so to compile everything and to make the tiles. Probably the most time I have ever spent on a map/
Map name: Miyabino House
Trial: I
Tileset: Essentials default
Critique: Yes please
Backstory/notes: The Miyabino family were a wealthy family who were plotting to achieve a god-like power, already having a heavy influence on the world around them. This is the location of their mansion and base of operations. They created parasitic monsters that fed on the resolve and emotions of their hosts. However, they were stopped by their adopted son, who was able to defeat each Miyabino, overcoming the emotional barriers of turning against the family who previously loved and supported him. However, in the process, the Miyabino House was completely obliterated in the final battles the son had. With all blood Miyabinos gone, the world was free from their grasp, creating a new beginning.


Map Name: Sapphirok Tunnel
Trial: Trial I. New Beginnings
Critique Requested: Yes please.
Tileset courtesy of ThatsSoWitty, who compiled tiles from himself and the following:
  • Kymotonian
  • Speedialga
  • Spacemotion
  • Alucus
  • Pokemon-Diamond
  • Kizemaru-Kurunosuke
  • EpicDay
  • Thurpok
  • UltimoSpriter
  • Dewitty
  • Minorthreat0987
  • TyranitarDark
  • PrinceLegendario
  • kaitodesign
  • WesleyFG
  • BoOmxBiG
  • Takaiofthefire
Strength holes made by myself based on a tile in this set. I'll upload it if necessary.
Notes: This cave is a former mine, but it was evacuated after the digging flooded parts of the tunnel.


The Magician of Oddities
Map Name: New life in the Roselia Sanctuary.
Trial: Trial I. New Beginnings

Critique Requested: No.

Credits: Tiles by Magiscarf (linking the ready to use in essentials resource because well...its ready), EVoLiNa and Zeo254 (recolored by me so they fit Magiscarf a little better). Overworlds ripped by redblueyellow,Dragoon, and Pikachumazzinga (egg) (again just linking the ready to use resource, this is not a tileset though).

Notes: So my idea was similar to the daycare thing, eggs means new a life so a new beggining, but instead of a daycare I wanted to make a pokemon nest...kinda... but looks so man made because simmetry and squariness and etc... so lets change the idea, this is an animal sanctuary for Roselia and it's evolution tree, yep totally didnt add the sign last minute so I can pretend it was an animal sanctuary from the beginning. Don't worry, Lusamine is not involved in this Roselia Sanctuary actually she is our sponsor through a less known company and gives us tons of money.

Anyways, the new beginning its obviously the egg, but also the Roselia in front of it begins its new life as a sister, so she will play lots with the newborn Budew when it hatches, which will be very soon. You can also see lots of Roselia and Budew around minding their own business, like hiding in the flowers, chasing each other around a rock, dancing trio around the pink flowers, staring a random pumpkin wondering if it is a pumpkaboo spy from the next door sanctuary...Roserade is their leader and its just chilling in a rock in the middle of the lake because thats what cool leaders do.

For the map itself, I put a lot of baby flowers around the egg (which in my mind eventually grow into the large ones) because...uh...well, I think its a nice touch! Baby flowers, pokemon egg that will hatch a baby pokemon flower, since Roselia as seen from the front has a red rose(looks somewhat pink in some art) on the left arm and a blue the right, I used that for putting the flowers in each side, also the grass makes kinda the form of an opened flower, kinda, the center looks like a pistil too...I tried ok? Since there is a lot of flowers I thought the wind might plug some away, so there are petals scattered around here and there, and also on the lake.

Also I listened to this while going lalala by myself making this map. Since this map took a lot of time, I probably need therapy by now.
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