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Jul 19, 2018
I know there are many Pokemon out there that you love and adore, as well as ones that you despise with a burning passion cough Probopass cough cough. However, that's not what this is about, so to speak, no this is about Pokemon that are meh. The ones you always forget or wonder why they exist in the first place. As such, in this thread I ask you 2 pressing questions:

1) What Pokemon is one that you could remove from the games if given the chance? (give reasons as to why, as that will help out with explaining your answer to question 2)
2) Instead of getting rid of them, how would you improve them in such a way that you would like them? (don't just say better stats or move pool, as that is a cheap answer.)

I will start off, to give you all an idea of what I mean. As much as I don't like certain Pokemon, there is always a reason for their design and existence as a whole. Unfortunately there is just one poor little fish that I can never really defend, and it's from my favorite generation!

Luvdisc, the Heartscale chain fished pokemon.
Seriously, as of right now that's the only reason why this thing exists and that is just sad. The design is uninspired, the cuteness factor only lasts for so long, and I have never bothered using one on any of my run-throughs of Ruby (and there have been plenty). Honestly if Luvdisc was removed from the canon tomorrow I would only worry about not being able to remember moves as cheaply.
But how would I fix this little heart attack into a viable mon? Easy: an evolution.


I know a lot of people in the community see Alomomola as a psudo-evolution to Luvdisc as they as similar designs, typing, and I believe even move pool. I can see fan modders making them into an evo line, which would actually increase the interest of both of these Pokemon. Heck, why not a third form that looks like a genuine heart instead of a cartoonish one, or maybe a second typing to Water/Fairy to reflect on its loving nature and fairy tale aspect of "any couple meeting this POKéMON is promised a loving relationship that never ends."

But those are my ideas anyway, let me know what Pokemon you would want to remove/improve and have fun with it! I may add more Pokemon I would improve upon after some replies have been submitted, so stay tooned!


Aug 4, 2018
@TheBarmyBrit. I actually just recently implemented this change into my game with all the points you stated.
Of course I tweaked the stats around a little but I always did think it was weird they weren't connected as they share a ridiculous amount of similarities. Other Pokémon that I think need tuning are Ledian. It gets Iron Fist with abysmal attack and it's spdef doesn't even matter since all it's stats are garbagio. I think it needs an ability that reflects on its stats or stats that reflect on its ability. (Maybe a mega?)
As for designs I hate..... Crabominable and Drampa, get out. I like the ideas themselves, they are just in desperate need of some redesigns.


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Apr 1, 2017
Mr. Mime just needs to... go away. Like. Just cease to exist. Forever. Keep Mime Jr., at least it's cute.


Aug 7, 2018
Girafarig needs serious revision - especially after the GS Demo leak in which the original concept was so much more interesting than the lackluster pokémon we ended up with.


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Jul 7, 2018
1st Gen...

Mr. Mime
Too creepy! Fix it to where it still has the cuteness factor (and move pool) of Mime Jr. Mime Jr. is super cute, but Mr. Mime is just...creepy... maybe make him look more like Abra or Hypno some other less humanoid Pokemon. Oh, or maybe give him a more elegant looking evolution?

Smoochum is okay, but Jynx looks too much like a bad racial stereotype, even with the palate swap--whether the character's creators want to admit it or not, regardless of what the design meant in their culture, here it can still be taken as racist. Maybe make her look more like an evolved form of Smoochum instead of a short dark-skinned lady? Round out her face, and give her a duck bill instead of those big lips.

Needs better defense and maybe a different typing. Give it better defense and a better back story. A sentient Poke Ball could be pretty cool if it was presented right...

Great Pokemon but could be better looking

Ivysaur / Venusaur
It just looks ugly after its first form. It's a powerful Pokemon and a decent sweeper and status affecter, but it looks like an ugly old toad.

Mew's in-game design needs a little work, but it looks very cute in the anime. It would also be great if this super rare Pokemon were available in game. It could be a secret fossil that gets revived or something instead of an event exclusive Pokemon.

Mewtwo (especially the mega evolution)
Same problem as Mew; in the anime, he's okay, except for that odd mega-evolution form, but in-game he needs a little makeover.

Pokemon from other gens:

It looks too much like a walking root. Subtle design changes might help it look a little more like a dinosaur.

I don't like this Pokemon for a lot of reasons. It doesn't seem like it's as strong as Blastoise, and its evolutions are ugly. Why not soften the lines a little bit, improve the stats, and make this Pokemon cuter?

While I'm okay with its design I think it needs--better battle stats (although I guess it makes an okay HM slave), and a pre and post-evolution.

The many Pokemon based on things; Some of them are cute, but with others it just kind of looks like Nintendo was running out of design ideas.

Melmetal / Meltan (and other Pokemon that look like it)
I can accept Melmetal and Meltan, if you give it a good enough backstory, but please STOP making Pokemon that look like giant robots and silly monsters. Give them at least SOME animal or plant characteristics that show us you are TRYING! There are too many Pokemon that look like things, and I'm a little unhappy that Nintendo perhaps did not put a lot of artistic work into this "new Pokemon."

All of the Pokemon that look sloppy or poorly detailed, including Bidoof, Gulpin, and others like those.
The first generation Pokemon seemed to me to be gorgeous works of art, but I'm not seeing the attention to detail in some later Pokemon.


Aug 23, 2021
I've changed a lot of pkmn, so I'll just talk about three
the ugly mustache Probopass
BAM Regional form

BAM it's a colony now (like wishiwashi)

BAM Mega


Jun 19, 2022
I think anything that isn’t already OU or Uber could use expanded movepools. I’d keep the base stats the same so competitive players can predict how much damage their attacks will do but just give them new coverage moves and hidden abilities.