Recruiting Pokémon: Shattered Crystal (WIP Title) Recruitment


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Hi, I'm looking for recruitments for an idea I had for a new game set back in the Johto region. It'll look like another HGSS at first but it'll take its own story. Think of it like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but for Gold and Silver/Heart Gold and Soul Silver. If I could find help then that would be great.

-I'm hoping to find people to help write the new story, I already have a few ideas but story telling isn't my strong suit.
-If at all possible, I need someone who can make new versions of the Johto music, because custom music is better than reusing existing tracks.
-An artist to help with character designs at least, but might also be needed for tile sets and transitions. But mostly they're needed for resizing current textures (back throw animation and compiling character sprite sheets for me)
-As well as someone who can take a bunch of tiles and combine them into a tileset for me, which might just be the easiet but most time consuming things to do.
-Probably the hardest person to find, I need a script person to make the game feel more like HGSS, and possibly help to convert the Pokémon Essentials DS pack to 1.17 so everything runs smoother.

Team so far:
Me: Pretty much everything right now
SpectrumByte: Story Writer

If anyone is up to the task, you can ask down in the comments, or you can shoot me a DM on Twitter @YTKrakerwat, or shoot me a DM on Discord: SkyArmyRecru1t#4574
Thanks for your considerations!
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