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Jul 22, 2018
Hi ^__^ a Fellow Pokemon Fan here,
I'm currently looking for Partners who share the dream of creating a good Pokemon Fan Game, with an actually compelling plot and a challenging difficulty,
In few words... create a Pokemon Game that will actually feel like playing a goddammit RPG!

As you can see below the game will take great inspiration from both Dragon Quest and Dark Soul Franchises along with a fantasy-like frame and least but not last it will be an omage to Pokemon Dark Rising and Insurgence. ( Very good fan made and RPG-ish games imo! )
It will be Hardcore, Compelling, with New Pokemons and Old Ones and some actually fearfull antagonists ! We're loonking for BOTH spriters and scripter.
The story will be divided in micro-sequences revolving around the Quest for some Demon Shards that are causing catastrophic event in the world to happen.
Wich means that whoever join us, will be able to be the director to an actual part of the game! Everyone is welcome!
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