Recruiting Pokemon Spriters Needed


I am looking for a Pokemon battler sprite maker, preferably 2-3, for my project Pokemon Mindscape. I have the Pokedex all worked out, but that would mean making 150+ battler sprites (including shiny versions and icons) and I am in need of assistance. I am working on the mapping and trainers, so that much is taken care of and will eat up most of my time. If anyone is interested in assisting me, please respond to this post with either your email or Discord and I will respond as soon as I can. You can also email me at for any questions or show of interest.

Below are examples of the sprites I made so far, to get an idea of proportions and styling.

Additional information:
  • 150~ fakemon, including various Delta Pokemon (Think Alolan variants from SUMO) and gender variants of specific fakemon.
  • Gen 5 style in battle, gen 3/4 style in overworld.
  • Gen 7 moves and types, with new signature moves and abilities for select Pokemon
  • Mega Evolutions a possibility but not a high priority
  • Open to adding more Pokemon if there is time and the original work load is finished, though highly unlikely
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Hmm I mostly did mixtures of Pokemon and such with sprites, basically fusion, so I'm pretty much new at making new Pokemon though I have tried to make some before but I don't believe they are too good. If you like I can send the ones I did make as samples so you can see how bad/good I am depending on your point of view. You can email me at
that is if I can find them had to change laptops recently and had those I made on my other laptop, which I can't get to work at all to get them.