Recruiting Pokémon Pyrite Project spriter recruiting


We need some more spriters, we have too few.
If you are available, go on Fakemon Amino and contact DarkFox~ or H o u n d in PM.

Pokémon Pyrite is a project born on Fakemon Amino.
The game region is Torronia, inspired on Chile.

What you should know about it:
- There are a lot of new Fakemon, and no old Pokémon.
- There are a lot of fossils.
- Mega evolution is in the game.
- The Sound type is in the game.
- There are two evil teams, not linked like Aqua and Magma, Team Alloy and Team Scurvy.

The main character is Professor Redwood’s lab assistant, but wants to leave on a journey with their best friend, Zeke. They receive a starter Pokémon between the Grass type Pueram, the Fire type Vernace and the Water type Pinshock.

For more info, go on Fakemon Amino!
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