Recruiting Project Antiquis and Chrono

We are still looking for spriters (both characters and fakemon), sound designer/musicians and mappers to join our team.

Open Positions:

Fakemon sprites:
  • Front and back sprites (shiny and non shiny)
  • Menu/icon sprites (shiny and non shiny)
Character spriters (In battle and overworld):
  • Player characters
  • Evil team members - grunts, admin, boss
  • Mom and dad
  • Other plot important NPCs - Rival/neighbour, boat captain, priestess etc

UI designers:
  • Pokedex screen
  • Map screen
  • Bag screen
  • Battle screens
  • Pokemon info screens
  • Quest log screens
  • Any other UI screens we may need
Sound designers/Musicians:
  • All town, route and other outside area music
  • Buildings with unique interior music eg Pokémon centre and gyms
  • Battle music
  • Trainer encounter themes
  • Evil team theme (encounters and battle music)
We are currently looking for more spriters to join our team. Below is a look at our first stage starters

If interested in joining, my discord is joey-and-rattata#7680