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Recruiting Pokemon Final Legacy Recruitment


Jul 3, 2018
  • Looking to recruit: Anybody interested and has Pokemon Fangame experience.
  • Project Title: Pokemon Final Legacy (Working Title)
  • Progress/Screenshots: Protyping currently but nothing is finalized.
  • Method of Contact: Join our discord channel : https://discord.gg/gg2aMbu ,reply ,or DM Zakka#1689
  • The Idea : Pokemon Final Legacy is a planned fangame which takes place around the time of Professor Oak's eventual death (so about 50 years in the future). The game puts you into one of the shoes of a trainer near to Oak (like how the Player was in the original games). Due to his death, you quest out to find out the meaning of catching 'em all, many have done it, but why do they do it? Play through many regions, original and new to find a reason.
  • Possible Features (Just ideas, not finalized) :
    • Full length fangame / Massive fangame project.
    • Some form of Online Battling or Trading Feature.
    • New Regions from this fangame.
    • Original Regions from the official games.
    • Day & Night Cycle based on Computer's time.
- Ideas or Suggestions? Let me know! :P

Thanks for reading this and showing interest! :)
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