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Recruiting Pokémon Corrosive - Looking for members



Resumed Plot:
The world is polluted due to human and Pokémon activity, because people use Poison-Type Pokémon all around their factories to produce items faster. One day, the main character (not the one in the banner, it will be original, that's me) goes out to find his/her little cousin that escaped home 3 hours before. But when he/she founds him, he's already dead: a group of Koffing where the ones who did it. The Pokémon group suddenly starts to chase you, when an Ultra Wormhole opens just in front of you and absorbs the bad Pokémon. The hole is closing, but at the last moment a Poipole comes out. That Pokémon will be your companion. Now, you decide to save the region, because you want revenge.

-2 Regions (Iber, which is the Iberian Peninsula, and Kalos, also including southern Kalos)
-Pokémon from Gen 1 to 7 (If 8th Gen releases before the beta release, we will also work on that Gen)
-35 Fakémon Included (based on Iberian wildlife, flora, traditions and festivities)
-Some Alolan forms included
-10 New Iber forms included (from Jotho, because we want to continue the Pokémon algorithms)
-Mega Evolution & Z Moves inclued (the game will NOT feature new Megas and Z-Moves except Poipole & Naganadel ones)
-Pokérides included (featuring different rideable Pokémon)
-The 2 Regions will share a new Dex, note that Kalos will not be the same as previously seen, it's an alternate universe. The game will have around 350 Pokémon, everyone obtainable (Ultrabeasts are considered as Pokémon also)
-The Iber Region will NOT have Gyms due its situation, but Kalos will have 10 (with new leaders), and both regions will share the Pokémon League
-12 Only event obtaniable Pokémon (8 of them are Legendaries, then Poipole and Naganadel, and a Fakémon with an evolution
-Now the Legendaries and Ultrabeasts that have an evolution chain can breed
-Now the Pokémon that evolve by trade, will use instead an item from the hackrom: Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter. It's the Link Cable
-Now Poipole evolves at level 25
-Pokémon League it's at LVL 100, but it will be like the anime one. It will have 32 participants, one of them being you
-Kalos Gyms will have more difficult puzzles
-You will have your own house, but you will not decide where the furniture will be, but you will be able to change the skin
-A Pokémon Egg Hatcher will be hireable so you don't have to carry with your eggs, also the steps will be reduced to 1/8
-Sidequests avaliable
-Every team member will have a character of him/herself appearing either on the League or on the Gyms
-You can NOT customize your character.
-Initial Pokémon: Poipole LVL 5

More characteristics coming soon...


We need the following people:
-A spriter (including Poké-Battlers, trainers and mini-sprites)
-An interface and title designer
-A tilesetter
-A basic scripter
-A musician
-A social media person (the less important)

You can apply for anything of this sections (max. 3 each section)
For applying, please e-mail to thunderflare@gmx.com and send something to ensure you know how to do the thing you have applied.
You need to have at least a B1 level of english to apply. Also, if you've got a B1 Spanish title or higher, you will have more possibilities to apply.
We only want people that are going to be working (in terms of Pokémon Fangames and Hackroms) exclusively in this project.