Recruiting Project Pokemon: Unite


  • Looking to recruit:
Looking for 3 other Pokemon fan game developers who would be interested in taking part in this fun little project.
I'd like to see some kind of project applicants have created to show off their skills.
Each game developer must be able to produce a small section of a Pokemon Fan Game using Pokemon essentials on RPG maker xp.
  • Project Title: Project Pokemon: Unite (Working Title)
  • Team Name/Team Members:
Currently only myself but once more developers become intrested I will add them to this section.
  • Method of Contact:
Just reply to this post or DM me on twitter @PKMN_NOVA
  • The Idea:
So I had an idea to bring together 4 different Game developers to create 1 game.
I thought it would be a fun concept to try and hopefully a few others do too.

- 4 game developers come together to create one game.
- The game will be split into 5 chapters.
- Each developer will have a chapter of their own + a final chapter for the elite 4.
- Each developer has 1 week to put together their Chapter of the game before uploading and passing on to the next developer.
- Chapters 2,3,4 should continue from the previous chapter but can contain whatever the current developer feels and sees fit to progress with.
This can introduce new story elements or even change the direction in which the game is going.
- Adding in Multiple "Evil Teams".
- Creating new characters and relationships between them.
- Changing the stand point of different characters.
- Changing the player to side with the evil team.

Basic Structure:

- 1st Chapter must introduce the player to a Starter Pokemon.
- 2nd and 3rd Chapter are free to do whatever but must allow the player to progress in some way.
- 4th Chapter must include the final run of the game ending any on going story and come to a close at the elite 4.
- 5th Chapter will be the Elite 4 battles and will be implemented by the seperate developers.
(Champion can be included if the developers want them, or maybe even a certain fan/player who has shown interest? Completed the game during tests? Showed a lot of support for the project?)
- Each of the first 4 chapters will contain a trial of some kind created by the current developer and the player will recieve some kind of "Badge" for finishing the chapter.
- The trial can last throughout the full chapter or just be the part of the chapter.
- The trial can be whatever the current developer wants but the completion of the trial will mark the end of the chapter.

Final thoughts:
- All developers will take control over their own chapter of the game. (They can use a team if they so wish and can ask for help if they need it)
- The game should have a full version created within a 5 week time period.
- The game will be for fun but it does not have to last for hours upon end and should not be difficult to the point where the player cannot progress or become annoyed by playing.
- The game will be created using the same tileset. (Decided prior to the project starts)
- The Pokedex will consist of actual Pokemon. (Changes to stats and movepool can be made if everyone agrees)
- All chapters should give the next dev options with how they can progress.
- Keep it PG, no point making a kids game which kids cannot play. Edgey Characters can still exist in this world.


Oh yeah, I don't mind when it happens I just think it would be fun to try out when there are a few people free