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Recruiting Pokemon Giovanni's Rise


Jul 27, 2017
I'm looking to, in the future, begin a new project following the previously untold story of the rise of Giovanni. I am hoping to create a game that shows how Giovanni became the notorious leader of Team Rocket. The idea that I have for the game is that Giovanni grew up in a region (to be named later) that had been devastated by the war that has taken a toll on the whole Pokemon universe, but this region specifically was on the losing end of the war. Giovanni's father was the leading general of this regions army and was hoping to begin a new world order under the name of Team Rocket. While his father failed and tragically passed away leaving the whole region in ruins and his only son Giovanni homeless. However, he managed to leave a few things for Giovanni, his prized Meowth and the plans to begin Team Rocket. The player will follow Giovanni's growth in the new region and eventually make it to Kanto. I am looking to build a team of people willing to help work on this project in any way that they can. I will gladly accept all help that anyone thinks that they can provide to the game.