Non-Pokémon Fan Games


Have they found the One Piece yet
Few weeks ago I was playing around with libgdx and decided that as my introduction to it I'd try and implement Xenoblade Chronicles mechanics (this is a horrible way of learning a new framework, don't do this). Anyway, as I dived farther into the matter I started thinking of you guys, and was wondering if anyone here had attempted (or even thought about) making fan games of something besides Pokémon.

Now, if/when I actually go back to and finish the libgdx project it's probably going to be an original game that only borrows certain mechanics (read: mechanics that I like) from Xenoblade and not, for example, the names and stats of every enemy and equipment, but in a sense I still think that qualifies as a "fan game," just one that would be really hard for MonolithSoft to go after legally.

So, has anyone thought about this before? After reading this thread, has anyone thought about a non-Pokémon game they'd like to emulate in their game dev lifetime? If anyone remembers the mid-2000s decade, Mario and Sonic Flash games used to be a dime a dozen, did anyone here ever make one of those, for example? Or Final Fantasy, or Legend of Zelda, or anything else?