Placeholder Resources

Would you be alright with placeholder resources being used in release builds?

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    Votes: 11 100.0%
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Overseer of the Abyss
Apr 24, 2017
Graphical assets can be hard to come by, even public ones sometimes don't fit the particular niches. More often than not, people resort to using placeholders in development, and sometimes when they finish development people get hung up on graphics to the point that they never release what they have. This leads to projects being completely thrown to the wayside because of the lack of graphical production capability; entire games, public resources, these just get thrown under the bus because graphic design is too complicated for some people.

The question I want to know is, would people be okay with public releases of games or other potential projects using placeholder assets? In my personal opinion, this at the very least allows developers to release some semblance of a project and get it out there, as well as potentially use it as a way to say "Hey, I'm dedicated to working, maybe people would be more likely to help me", since I've come from a community where, even though request threads and tags exist on their forum, their requests are usually ignored because, well, it's usually random people asking with no backing behind them, while most of the asset makers tend to flock toward the big projects, because that's where all the main effort s showcased.