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Hey all! [to be replaced with eventual relic writing club logo/artpiece]

An oft forgotten piece of fan game development is quality writing, as it's not the flashiest thing to advertise in your game. Based on discussions in discord, it seems that more people want an outlet to both creatively write and share their writing with others so that they can improve.

I'm proposing this, the RELIC WRITING CLUB, as the spot to do that! The way I'm hoping it will work (and this can evolve as we figure out different ways to do things) is that every 2 weeks there will be a new writing theme, and anyone can submit writing and give helpful critique, pointers, and praise as they see fit! Maybe sometimes the themes will be more open ended, and maybe sometimes they will be more specific! As of now, the medium is open ended, as well as the length. Write however much you want in whatever style you want! We're all here to stretch out our writing legs and improve our skills!

The very first writing theme will be:


You could write a short story, a one-act script, a poem, a haiku, anything that you want! Let's get at it! Ad Astra!

Writing Theme 1: Betrayal (June 4, 2018 - June 17, 2018)
Foxowl: "What Happened" and "Our Dance"
TheNintendoChip: "Snow Warning"
Evan: "Albert"
Shgeldz: "Betrayal"
TechSkylander1518: "Alpha"

Writing Theme 2: The Chase is On! (June 18, 2018 - July 2, 2018)
Evan: Astra

Writing Theme 3: First Person Narrative (July 21, 2018 - August 21, 2018)
WolfShadowWhispher: First Person Narrative
Evan: Alan
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I wrote two poems about "Betrayal."

1.) What happened?

What happened?

What happened that fateful morning?
What went wrong as we marched from
Our lives to
Our deaths?

Why did no one scream?
Why did no one call out,
"Help! Help us!"
And run away?

Who was that one who had
Sworn his life to the people,
The beautiful people!
Oh how united we were!

Who made pacts,
In Friendship and in Loyalty?
But forgot all of that in the face of another
More beautiful thing

How can he honestly tell
People he called "Friends"
To live, but at the same time
Deliver them into the jaws of death?

Did he hear the life being sucked away?
Did he hear the shots fired as we
Tried to hold on?
Did he believe that was beautiful?

More beautiful than Loyalty?
More beautiful than life?
More beautiful than Friendship?
More beautiful than Love?

Is greed beautiful?
Is death beautiful?
Is blood beautiful?
What happened to Friendship?

What happened?

2.) Our Dance
The dance was graceful,
Slender, and with precision.
We cared. I cared.
He cared. Or did he?

We were there together for the dance of joy,
When arms interlocked,
Smiles opened,
And happiness filled us

We were there together for the dance of rain,
Falling in patterns,
In waves of shared emotion,
We were emptied and refilled

We were there together for the dance of shadows
Waiting for the sunset to come,
And people going home
He thought we were powerful, and I believed him

But we were there together for the dance
The dance of the dead
Arms interlocking in a fight
Waves drowning me

And the sunset sucking my belief in him,
Replacing it with guilt.
Not "we."

I was still dancing
The dance of the dead
The dance of the dead
The dance of the dead

Note: Poem #2 takes some lines/partial inspiration from the song "Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head" by Gorillaz


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Okay guys, that'll just about wrap it up for Relic Writing Club #1!

The Submissions were 3, and I thank Foxowl and TheNintendoChip for submitting. Your writing was absolutely fantastic! A lot of bleak stuff, but also the theme was "Betrayal" so I get it. If people want to give feedback to any of the [three] submissions you can absolutely do so in this thread, it's not just for submitting! I'll add links for the first three submissions to the first post, and we'll get right on with ROUND 2


The Chase is On!

Write some excitement! And write it in whatever medium you want. There's a chase going on, and it's up to you to write what kind of chase it is? Is it a car race? Is it running from a violent criminal? Perhaps Star Fox is doing a barrel roll to escape the clutches of Wolf who has just returned to Smash Bros?! Only time will tell, when YOU write something to the theme of "The Chase is on!"

I'll also leave open the first theme if people want to retroactively write "Betrayal" stuff. Happy to add it to the first post.
I wrote a quick poem for the betrayal theme:

with a small pop, things were different.
what once was easy became strained, what once was natural became tense,
it didn't feel right
i felt sick, you did too, i'm sure
yet after all is said and done and after all the dust has fallen
you and I are still bonded through mutual love
I'm so glad to get to see writing events here, thanks so much for doing this! and thanks for the time extension because i really wanted to get this in but have bad time management


EDIT: (I knew posting this at 1am was a bad idea) A note I forgot to add-this story was written as a horror story, so it goes to a darker extent than I would think Pokemon is best suited for. (It's not intended as a "Pokemon would be terrible in real life" sort of thing)
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Hey y’all, i’m extending the deadline for “THE CHASE IS ON!” one week. July 9th is the new deadline!



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Oof, I'm sorry for totally not doing any upkeep for this, or sticking to any deadlines or anything.

I think I'm gonna start having these be month-long open entries, just for people who want. I'm gonna make sure I write something for each one, too, so hold me to it!

Here's my entry for the 2nd topic "The Chase is On!": Astra

And the third writing theme will last from July 21 to August 21.

The Topic is: First Person Narrative

Write something in the first person! Anything at all! That's the entire theme. First person. Bonus points if you try to write from a person's perspective who isn't similar to your own perspective.



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First Person Narrative

my forest is viridian
blueish-green like my soul
I wander here
monologues stuck in my brain
like a Fairy Wind bringing pain
like a Recover bringing healing
never knowing if this narrative
that is me will stop
in my mind my million voices
become million persona
am I Touhou
am I Giratina
blue like ice my heart
green like grass my jealousy
I am a first person
a living narrative...
hear me...

(C) Allen Wolfie Simpson aka WolfShadowWhisper


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Alright folks that's it for this round!

Next up is a fun theme, the theme is CROSSOVERS. Whatever that means to you, run with it! Maybe it's a crossover between the Marvel and DC comics worlds, or another episode of the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour on Nickelodeon. Maybe it's Pokémon meets Dragon Ball Z, or Doctor Who and Mean Girls! There are some wacky combinations out there, and you've got a month to make it happen!

august 22 - sept 22
let's get writing!