Solved makingEmotes/Exclamation or question marks animations

How do I make them? I've been trying to figure it out myself but I can't find anything, not even the graphics used for them. I'm don't know much about scripting and I searched on the internet but didn't find anything. Please a step by step tutorial would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Starry eyed
You can find them in the Graphics>Animation folder of Essentials. Look for the file called 029-Emotion01

If you want to make your own icons or custom emotes, it's actually not too tricky! Open up the Database and head over to the Animations tab, here's a pic of mine where I already added some custom things:

You can have as many as you want, and have a lot of control over stuff like: where they appear in relation to the character, the transparency, how long each frame of animation is, if a sound effect plays and when exactly that happens, it's just fun to play around with.